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Content warning child sexual abuse domestic violence and miscellaneous violence. An accident is sometimes uh-huh and unhappy Woman's best friend. It's the Stephen King Boo club the opera opera. Everyone put on your opera glasses. I'll give you a moment and our boy being next rockets art by this del. Not One person ever listened Including me I'm Steven. Andrew Sano in dime Phoenix Crockett. And this this week we are reading Dolores Claiborne written in Nineteen Ninety two Phoenix. I'M GONNA go ahead and take the main points. Dolores claiborne is a sixty five year old woman who is being interrogated arrogated by two policemen and is dog. Refer is present the unedited manuscript of this nearly ten. Our conversation is the presentation of the novel. delores makes short asides to the main investigator Andy Beset who she knows from her small town and to the Sinaga for Nancy Eh who she hopes will identify with her problems. As a woman delores has been arrested for the possible murder of Vera. A millionaire recluse. For whom MM Dolores served as head of staff for forty years delores knows that Vera simply fell down the stairs but to clear her name. She must confess fast to killing her abusive husband years before she decides to start from the beginning she and Joe Meet in middle. School will begin dating in high school as soon as they're married however it becomes clear that Joe is an abusive alcoholic. delores only stands for for two beatings before nearly branding him with a cream pitcher in front of their only daughter Selena soon after Joe begins to molest their daughter and emotionally abuse their two younger sons. He also steals all the money that Dolores has saved at cleaning jobs for their kids. Kid's Education Vera. Millionaire that delores works for tells dolores that Joe should have an accident and gives her the day off during a solar eclipse Vera herself prepared for her children to visit during the eclipse. But they never show delores sets a trap for Joe such that that he would fall down a well. He doesn't die and while she figures out what to do. She is overcome by vision of a young girl being molested by her a father and she knows that it is real. Joe Manages to crawl out of the well and grab her foot and she bashes his head then with Iraq. At this point she asks the investigator to share some of the gym being. She assumed he keeps in his desk. He reluctantly obliges delores puts up an act and reports Joe Missing when his body is discovered she's interrogated by state police chiefs. There isn't enough evidence. Didn't convict but the town and indeed her daughter Selena believe that she is guilty. She gets nasty phone calls and once a group of teens in a truck truck fires a gun over her house things die down over time but she does not repair her relationship with Selina who grows up to become an alcoholic. Golic is well decades after the incident with Joe delores and still works for Vera. There is mind has never been solid. But she's degrading quickly during one of her increasingly frequent fits of delusions Vera freaks out thinking that the dust bunnies in her home home or going to attack her and she falls down the stairs. She doesn't die though and asks Dolores to put her out of her misery. Dolores this goes to get a rolling pin but when she returns Vera has passed. The mailman seized Laura's holding the rolling pin and his suspicious mm-hmm. Her case is not helped when various financial manager calls and says the delores is the sole heir to Vera's thirty million dollar estate after finishing her story. Dolores donate to the entire some to an orphanage. That Vera was a donor of delores is cleared of all charges Phoenix what's going on with alike background thumping noises. Is that like your cats are fucking around. Yeah I try. I tried to put them in the bathroom and then now we can still hear them bathroom. So I'm trying to put them on the other side of the house but that's what I tell you what I tell you I tell you. Let's talk about it in full darker Argument structure. This book is so good. This is really. Yeah Yeah I liked it. I liked it less than Phoenix. Liked it. But that's because it's about the main this thing that we've done so far which is saying something that's it really he is and you know we're switching places because last time Stephen Dodd the book was amazing and I thought it was fine now. We're kind of switching places but I could read this in her voice like the whatever dolores claiborne is real voice was I could read it in that voice. Yeah I couldn't because I didn't grow up with the dialect in something that's important to note about. This book is that it's written phonetically in dialects so a lot of times the word and will be substituted for the letter and and stuff like that. I didn't I didn't take extensive notes on those kinds of things because we're going to be doing an extended version of our down East wisdom main ism section later and I figured we hit it then the biggest thing we keep in mind yeah good examples. Various spellings of the word forehead. Because she would have said it was he. Can she keep. She loves his Far Ahead Far yes. That's it is that I really don't have the perspective on Matt. 'cause I just don't have the dialect in my brain so it made it like harder work for me to read. I think you would love the audiobook Francis Stern Hagan. You're probably away right. It also includes water drinking drawers opening paper shuffling and radio drama. Yeah and this really asking to be made into a radio drama. Because it's in that format like it's directly from the SINAGA refers typed out. Notes is what it seems like. No page breaks known the crap and I didn't I didn't realize how much I relied on. Chapter is in page breaks to rest my brain until I was like maybe two thirds so this book and I was like like give me something to hold onto you know. I do think though that this is the first book in Stephen King's entire Pantheon as we've covered it that I personally believe is not one word overwritten. Yes I think everywhere it is is valuable and it's not that Long No. It's the first book we've done so far where we got to the end and I wanted more everything else we've gotten to the end and I'm like all right even masterpieces eases. I'm like I'm fall. I can't do anymore for sure now. Normally this is where we would do down east wisdom which is where we talk about. All of the main `ISMs in this book the Phoenix Wchs. How did you count seventy one seventy one? So that's more than we can usually do for our little five minute thing here ear so instead what we're GONNA do is we're just gonNA move that whole segment to the off week. That'll be your bonus for next week so I hope you like the main stuff jeff because Laurie Laurie. There's a lot of it in this one. Which of course brings US straight to? Sweet screams are best of section.

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