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I think it might be difficult this this is an attempt to prosecute tony blair's you say with schumer foreign secretary jack straw ring former attorney general mood goldsmith in a british court for the crime of aggression in other words the waging of an aggressive war the invasion of iraq in two thousand not drake in breach of the united nations charter announced being done by former iraqi general abdul waheed shannon all rip out he's a former chief of staff at the iraqi army and he's argument is based on the findings of mass jews showcourt report which concluded that the uk chose to carry out the 2003 invasion in iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhaustive now the reason i say it's sad perhaps an uphill struggle they said an application to launch a private prosecution was dismissed by westminster magistrate's court last year on the ground that tony blair and his ministers enjoyed employed immunity from prosecution because of their former government roles and that the crime of aggression doesn't actually exist in english domestic mesic law so these high court proceedings were an appeal against that ruling interesting arguments in early july at the hearing michael menstrual q c 4 the general argued that when the british prosecutions of hartley sure cross prosecute cases against nazi leaders at nuremberg at the war crimes trials at the end of the second world war he acted is that the crime of aggression had already been assimilated into english law but critically john a two thousand and six ruling by the lord awards in this country unanimously found that the international law proud of aggression is not an offence or on draw domestic legislation that's why i think it will be a very difficult taught right on it and if that is indeed the case if they throw it out the is that the end of it then that is the end of its as far as odd domestic lore is concerned at the international perspective on this he said the crime of aggression was finally defined in 2010 by the international criminal court but he's not rush retrospective hasn't yet been ratified by sufficient number of states that tony blair and his message ministers can't be prosecuted international so if as you say the high court rose against the general in this.

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