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Had the chance. I'd never let him go. Just fucking hot truly god. He's he's like number one right now number one on the list on the list. I'm gonna check him off one of these days. How good dating been. I ask all the drag race girls this because i'm just so curious about the experiences dating men harder or easier since you've been on the television and then fucking one one gay girl. So what is so bizarre. Which i find really weird because i still live in the same flat apartment. The i have lived in for the past few years to before one drag race. When i was still doing local gigs and not much has changed. I still see myself as like the same old gloser you know. What's so weird. Is people that would apps like grinder. Ten darn people who would never speak to me before because plus size the goal that can discrimination and head to ignore the fact stone and suddenly. They're like oh you wanna you wanna come over tonight and i'm like no. That didn't really come and it's difficult because a lot of time. These people are very visually good-looking. Benign so like i guess. They're still that bitter. Say to me this like no. I tap joe in grade two years ago. Some late you haven't. I love it. I love being petty. It's one of my favorite things in the hallway world. It is kind of like oh true. Mind fuck especially like like. I don't know if you want me. Because i'm on tv. Obviously it is because you didn't want me two years ago and then it's very it. Does it does something to your fucking brain will. And i remember so before amazon drank. Grace i am like we have a bbc in scotland was like filming some little things for tv. You're just very local. Things adverse things like that so i was kind of on the rise so a lot of people that know me and i did a campaign for our like a subway system in in glasgow and other posters of me in in the city and i remember one time on a day. We were walking around and they said oh. So what do you do for work. And i was like 'em look. That was so weird because especially because my real name is lawrence and also my drag persona lawrence so when people address you see i man would come up to you in the nightclub are on a date. It's hard to knew who they're talking to our nikon. Go lot insane. You look beautiful. Are you talking to me or you. Talk to the rhinestones glamour. The ostrich is that you're talking to or is it a lawyer. Are you know like that's difficult to understand. That must be so weird. Why did you choose your own name to be your drag name. So i always knew from a really young age. The i i loved acting loved. You call love people. Melissa cars the dawn french. I love anyone like a silly comedic form and all that that very physical humor i love so i was just a weird that i didn't want to cut myself off and in regards to some drag queens are named like sexual innuendo select patriation or like may or when they themselves something that would hinder them being unlike good morning america or not something i always do. My goal was like you wanna be a superstar. You can't have a name like that. Scientists stuck with my name. Because i was studying acting at the time and i was like fuck. You can't who cares. I think that's probably really smart. Because also it's like once you start getting like acting roles outside of drag like. Oh we don't have to differentiate it's just that's just my stage name and it's a name that can be used for acting as well. I hate people's say i think it's very straight media thing just kind of straight media outlets are so obsessed with drag queens government names. English is leered both the drank queen. Or and then it's and it's like why do you k- are like tokyo too soon. So today. you're talk to bulb drag queen or lawrence.

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