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Resuscitate you know by changing the format a little bit and everything but we can talk about that in a moment and But hold on a second. I wanted to go back to you. I mean what would you guys have it? Would you guys like kill everybody where you guys the not at all not at all our foes was Usc let me let me let me give you the lineup for USC when we were there. Raphael or sooner he's Mexico he and Dennis Ross just won Wimbledon doubles. Dennis Wilson Okay. They had bill blonde who was a top ten ranked player. Newmont Baen B O N D bill bond. That's that's a very well known name in American tennis and Southern California. He was a top junior and You know and We had A Ramsey earnhardt Ramsey earnhardt was ranked eleventh in the United States and he and Marty Riessen where the number two ranked team in the United States in doubles. And we had Thomas Edison who also became very top player and the the six play was a guy a guy named Chuck Rumba. Who was a top junior? So you guys had heavy battles unbelievable battles but they were clearing above. Maybe the best college team has ever been put together. Every one of those players the guy that was playing number five Ramsey our number five for them was ranked eleventh in the United States in singles and number two in doubles. He was playing number in the fifth spot at the for the team. Did you guys have bad blood between you? Not at all We're all good friends. Y'All good friends on the court. Yes the court where there were bitter enemies bidder but off the court you know we were in. We have remained great friends with every one of them. So so you Collect I think a lot of players in that. La Ucla Group. You started practicing at at Beverly Hills Tennis Club. We used to have practice sessions there besides the practice sessions that we had at Ucla and also the tennis club and we used to. We had the great benefit of being able to practice against Punch Gonzales punches. Agoura Alex Omega who were all tremendous professional players and so we had great practice sessions with all of those Legends so it sounds to me like you are really improving playing in. La You were in the LA scene. That's correct so you graduate from UCLA. Yes and you and then you started playing as an amateur. I can't understand well Korea because I'll give you a quick summer. Explain my confusion and I feel like I'm pretty knowledgeable person. But even when I've spoken to Martin Mulligan there was the Kramer tour and then there was the federation you had the idea. And then you had to the pro tour which was the survivor of the Kramer to and then you had. Wctc that came into with Lamar Hunt and hind. So many more Hundley. So so where did you go? Finish College. Where did you go? I was in college through sixty seven and in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven based on my record. I've got to be ranked number one in the United States in men's tennis. Lo and behold from what tournaments. Oh Gosh I mean. I won the national indoors twice. I mean it's unreal tournament. I want about. I think in sixty six sixty seven. I WANNA buy one about seven tournaments so say none of the majors but but I want to say in the middle of March. You would just go play tournaments and then go back to school ask. Okay Okay and So I from school. You know we're in the middle of the Vietnam War. I drafted into the US army. So I served two years in the. Us Army Arthur. Who had graduated had taken? Rotc he was also in the US. Army guys are veterans. So so did you go over there. I I did go to Vietnam not to fight. Okay not too. I was notified him. But if we did go to Vietnam It was something that they sent us there. to do some goodwill with the troops many athletes were. Were doing that at the time but But we did see what was going on. You spoke to the troops spoke to the troops. Vote to the general's general. Abrams was then the commander in chief and a lot of time with you went over there. I was there saying you know we went to. We landed inside gone from there that we were taking helicopters into the Room Bay. No long been a number of things went to a lot of the hospitals. Did some tennis exhibitions you. Know and We're really yes so It was the duke. Just scary in a different time. It was like Fellini movie you know it was surreal. You know we will go. These functions night cocktail parties. Or something. And all this colonels and lieutenant colonels and generals will come in and you know and They come into fatigues with their weapons. And you know the next day they go off to battle then we may not see them. The next day you know and we spend six days over there so it was It was an amazing experience. I'm glad I did it. You know so. How did it impact your tennis? You guys didn't you guys you guys were able to can we? Yeah well we. Obviously I could only play a limited amount of tennis. You know Because I was serving so so it did no excuse but you know it did on my prime which is sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine. I'm you know I was. I was not free to go out and and play all the majors and and do all of that so so it was It you know but it was okay. It's something we had to do and we did it. I'm glad we did it. So you finish your service. Then what happened to you then Finish the service and remember. Nineteen Sixty. Eight was the transition period between. That's when open ten is finally came about okay right and so when I got out of the army which was early. Sixty nine Then all of a sudden You know the the. Us was still not accepting professional tennis players on the Davis Cup team. So they they contract professionals and so we had to. We had to remain as amateurs for a period of time so that we could play Davis Cup once again Davis thing because thing and so and in sixty eight and sixty eight. We did win the Davis Cup. And so so that was good. So sixty nine was A difficult MCC. You won the Davis Cup. That is correct. Would YOU BE? We beat Australia in the final. That was you know the challenge round. How'd you do I actually didn't play in the finals. You Know Arthur and clogged grabner and Smith. And let's play the devil's What's this yeah but We I played in in previous magazines Against Spain you know and We beat Spain and in Cleveland Ohio and so Donald Dell was the captain and And you hear all these names. I mean these names are like Donald Dell. We hear his name all the time. He's all he's in hollow famous well as for. He's gone major contributions to the sport. He's a major wheeler-dealer still he's still yes and they say. Donald DEAL DONALD. You know we have been great friends for so so long. Still still are talking him almost weekly. What was your greatest tournament you have you ever played? I know you quartered the open The US Open and quartered Wimbledon's right yeah and the French and the Australian so I got to the quarter of one of them so you're in the final lead of everyone that is correct. Yeah so what you have do you have. Oh do you have a special tournament that you play Your Best Tennis? Then you like. Just we're unstoppable in your life that you remember You know every time I walked on the court. I felt I should win the match. You know I took. That was my attitude so every time you walk everytime didn't matter where it was what tournament it was a big tournament or lesser tournament. I tried a fighting field that I didn't win. Okay if I felt that and I had a lot of big wins you just tell you the baddest around you hat. Do you have to every time you walk into court? You've got to say I'm the I'M GONNA come out of here the winner. That's really I. That was ingrained in me. Did you ever be Rodley ever? Yes I did and How some incredible matches with him How good was Rod Lever? You know It's difficult to compare era in my book. It's arguably who's the best you know feather labor and those are the two You know and then you go a doll for clay. I mean you know and who knows where Jacovic is going to end up but but to me Labor still. He's still my my champion. Might that could. He's your champions. He's he's the guy what about the girl consolidate I mean well. Gonzalez okay Who was my idol growing up. This is what I will say about Gonzales. If I had to pick one player for one match and you bet everything your whole life your house your wife Your Kids. You put everything at stake. Who's the horse you would pick against? Anybody Gonzalez. That he was a real money player. He would always figure out how to win a match. He was the most fierce competitor you've ever seen. He will find a way how to win. He did that as a young young player. You know In the twenties and the thirties and even into the forties age forties. You know. I saw him play. Jimmy Carter's nineteen seventy two in the final of the South West Bunch who is forty-six years old finals. The tennis club seven five six one gonzales. Giving him a tennis lesson come on no I saw it. Forty six B twenty six. Jimmy was not even twenty six twenty three twenty four. I've played a great match against Gonzales at seven match points of Wimbledon. How he wanted. I don't know now that I want to ask. Until isn't her played. You guys had had the longest match that is great and you. You had six match points. Seven in the fifth set many breakpoints. I mean he just he just I two sets to love against him and You know and not match was a six and a half hour match man. I know quite it was five and a half hours. Sorry five and a half hours but He you know he he. It was a difficult match for me to play. Because he's my idol. He's my coach. He coached US Davis Cup. I practice with him a thousand times. Not Quite but did you. No no not at all not at all I. It wasn't when you ask any of these guys. They got tight. They never could. They know they never got no. That's not true. I I was tight is one thing. Nervous is another thing. Okay nervous I was and I was from the before I walk into court. And and the thing was was that match Center Women Center Quarter Wimbledon and And so when I walked in that sent accord I mean here. I am playing my idol. My you know my coach. You know by far listen. This is nineteen sixty nine center. Core quarters no. Actually I started. First Round Pancho Gonzales Charlie. Pasarell the longest match there ever was up until until mahood plead easier is ner in outmatch was like sixteen hours three days. Three days of insanity but You know and it's It was a match that I really felt I said I'm GonNa you know this is guy of a mired so I had to put that out of my mind. I actually follow a lot of the vices that he had given me over the years. You were playing his playbook. I was playing his playbook you know he he always said. I remember all my practice sessions when I was going to UCLA. I would ask him a lot of questions you know. How do you do that aren't you how do you? How do you do this? And he I always remember he says when I had a a tough match he says I would. He says I would find a place that I could be by myself. Not Disturb the locker room sometimes was not but so. I used to ease the lock himself into. Wc in the toilet you know. He says so that he could really in his mind. Play the match you know. Make start making decisions about. How do I if we toss the coin going to serve I return? Which side of the court do I want all the first break point? How do I play the point?.

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