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Jeff brightest. You're thinking like I can't even for us unless they just said. How can we unload as much salary as we can, in one fell swoop. I know. Let's get rid of Nolan. That that's the only thing they did. Would save money. And you don't get to save money. If you're a major league baseball franchise owner if you want a penny pinch sell the team. Just sell it to somebody who wants to win. And you know, Rockies fans are so great that they fill the park year after year after year with the hope that maybe things will get better. There has to come a point where fans say enough is enough. They have proven they're not serious about this. I am not going to support this any longer. Uh and I wonder how they're their season. Ticket sales are going after that announcement. I You know, Here's the thing with season ticket holders and I, you know, we we have the season tickets that the station has, and I sit in those and I talked to season ticket holders while we're there. These are the most dedicated Baseball fans you're gonna meet. I'm talking about the season ticket holders who go to a lot of games, not the ones you buy it for their business so they could give the tickets away. Those people are die hard and At some point, it's got to start taking a hit, and I don't know when there's a lot of people talking about boycotts, I think would be really interesting if And I'm not one to ever recommend boycotts first, so I don't think they're effective. You know, I just don't unless you want to boycott forever, and I love baseball. Yeah, I want to go see a winning team. So what are we gonna now? When we go to a baseball game or regions could say what are you doing tonight? I'm gonna go watch the Rockies lose. Cause that's what I used to say about the Rays Games. We would drive up to table what you guys doing this weekend? We're driving it able to see the Rays lose to sit with 14,000 Yankees fans and watch the Rays lose. I've already been that fan. I don't wanna be that fan anymore. And we have too much to offer here. I mean, good gravy course Field may be old, but it is aging beautifully. I think that's really my friends who come from other places. Are are blown away. That course field is as old as it is, and it's just a fantastic, phenomenal place to see a baseball game. I don't know. I'm very, very frustrated. And you know, somebody said we're not alone. You're not. I know, I know. I know, By the way, this is super funny. Dave. Did you see this? Somebody edited the mantra Brothers Wikipedia page today, and I actually grabbed it because I wanted it. I wanted to keep it and posterity. This is what it says about the Mon for brothers as if this was this morning. I haven't checked to see if somebody fixed it yet on their Wikipedia page, it says Charles came on for and Richard Montford are. Unfortunately, the primary owners of the Colorado Rockies Major League baseball team both grew up in Greeley, Colorado, are sends to Kenneth Monfort, previous owner of Monfort of Colorado Inc. A clown university and distributing company that was acquired by ConAgra Foods. Monfort is managing general partner, chairman and chief executive offer officer, while Charlie Monfort is the team's other general partner and clown. So this is not being received. Well, let's just say By the fans. Not at all. And I don't think it should be. I don't know what to do. Like I said, I don't lot of people are asking on the text line. What do we do to get new owners in general managers? You can't force the sale. And by the way, you guys there's nothing that says If they did sell the team, the new ownership would be any better. Maybe because they were new and they wanted to win. Like when the guys bought the Rays. They're the new and they're not super new now. They've owned it for I don't even know how many years But when they first brought the Rays, they invested a lot of money and didn't get a lot of returns. And now they're all that kind of pulling back a little bit. You don't buy a sports franchise to make money unless it's the Dodgers or the Yankees. I hate to see it one of the sports columns that I linked to you today. And I don't know who it was. It might have been Kistler. It might've been clear have no idea. One of them said something to the effect of you know if the Rockies negotiated better contracts with radio and television, I'm like They're not in L A or New York. They don't have. We cannot compare what we have to L. A or New York. It's a ridiculous comparison. We're not the same size market wise. We cannot support Ah billion dollars in TV and radio franchise fees. We just don't have the support of the fans out there to do it. So it's a ridiculous, you know, Mandy every season in Major League baseball, you'll find a team that doesn't have a lot of money but really cares and makes deals and brings their own the ST Louis Cardinals. Is that who you're talking about, because that brings their own farm players up and and develop stars. And they win pennants and their competitive and they don't have any more money than we have. But they have better management much better. We have the fifth highest attendance in the league. The fifth highest attendance in the league. We're not. We're not the Kansas City Royals. For God's sake, you know, we're not the Montreal Expos. I know they don't exist anymore. I'm just using that as a point. It's not like no one loves this team and no one buy. I mean, my God, you guys have an entire section of my closet. That's purple. All of it. I almost bought a purple Jeep. My hand to God. I actually was thinking about buying a purple Jeep..

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