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A low of twenty eight degrees tomorrow mostly sunny high of thirty six in waukesha it's thirty degrees in milwaukee it's currently thirty seven degrees from the wtmj breaking news center a busy week for lawmakers in madison and there's no certainty anything will be accomplished school safety tops the agenda for both the state senate and assembly this week with two ts could be competing against one another on their way to a similar goal the senate expected tomorrow to call its own school safety plan that differs from the one governor walker proposed last week and in turn called for a special assembly session for this week the assembly's committee on education tomorrow we'll hear six bills related to the governor's plan including one that would create an office of school safety is before a special assembly sessions held later this week in madison the governor's proposed school safety plan would cost roughly one hundred million dollars mike spaulding wtmj news simply doesn't intend to meet in regular session assembly majority leader gyms tiny tells wtmj steve's competing we agree with the governor bill taken up in special session of not just you know things thrown on his amendment to you know some arty existing bill hearing governor walker school safety plan that will be held tomorrow nearly three weeks after the first deadly package explosion in austin texas local and federal officials appear no closer to finding the person or people responsible for a series of similar attacks in the texas capitol seventeen days after the first bombing on the opposite side of austin to bicyclists were seriously injured sunday night when they set off an explosive device alongside a road at austin police chief brian manley has reached an inescapable and frightening conclusion we're clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point based on the similarities between now what is the fourth device.

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