Tennis, NPR, Serena Williams discussed on First and Last - Tebow-Mania! : 6/26/17


And that led to but it didn't really matter they got to the files they were never to catch the lawyers in terms of the oneseat and homecourt advantage throughout the nba playoffs i man last so and the the best way i put it is that he ruffled feathers john mcenroe retired tennis great as a book coming out so he's doing little to her and he was on npr and any time you say something that could be disparaging especially of his genderbased blah blah blah you get everyone not ever she's me you get some people banana shape but if you'd literally compartmentalize and do your best to remove emotion there's really nothing wrong with what he said but some people getting a little defensive about it so he was asked about serena williams and keep in mind in his book mcenroe has praised serena praised her over the years as well calls are probably the greatest female tennis player of all time and gist york consent of nice things about her but then i got to the point this is what's ruffled feathers is that if serena played on the men's circuit she be like number seven hundred in the world now then he goes on to say that doesn't mean i don't think serena's an incredible player i do but the reality what would happen on a given day is serena could beat some players i believe because she is so incredibly strong mentally but if she had to play the circuit the men circuit that would be an entirely different story.

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