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A County sheriff Alex Villanueva says the deputy's both with just a little over a year on the job. Took lifesaving actions to help each other. Both deputies were sworn in 14 months ago. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden both condemned the shooting. 11 48 and Governor Wolf's office says they're going to appeal a federal judge's ruling that stay at home orders and limits on size of crowds are unconstitutional. Republicans in the General Assembly say they hope it prompts the governor to work with them going forward. Here's more from killing abuse. Suburban bureau chief Jim over the federal judge Sides with four Western PIA counties who argue the governor's limits on the size of gatherings violates the First Amendment and closing not essential businesses while requiring Pennsylvanians to stay home is a violation of the 14th amendment. Republican State Senator Tom Gillian says hope Plea. This ruling encourages the governor to work with the state Legislature going forward. You can't have one person making decisions with we don't even know how they're being made. What the facts are what the metrics are just this is what we're doing, And that's the way it's going to be the judge notes. While the measures were put in place with good intentions, initially designed to flatten the curve and protect the health care system have since become open ended an ongoing he writes the liberties protected by the Constitution or not fair weather freedoms in place when times were good, but able to be cast aside in times of trouble. The governor's office. Is there going to ask for a stay, noting the decision specifically in reference to the march stay at home in business closure orders. They say it does not affect later measures like mandatory masks or the order from July that puts limitations on bars and restaurants at the suburban bureau. Jim Network gave edible you news radio. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has posted a photo of himself in a hospital in Germany and says he's breathing on his own on Instagram. He said. Hello, It's navalny. I've been missing you. I can't do much, but yesterday and managed to breathe on my own. The entire day was blown to Berlin two days after falling ill in a domestic fight in war, Russia Back on August 20th, a German military lab determined Navalny was poisoned with Nova Chuck. That's the same class of Soviet era agent that Britain said was used on former Russian spy Sergei ate scrapple and his daughter in England back in 2018. Picking up a crash on the school eastbound near Toronto. Take a look at that. It's TV coming up. It's Dave. You ran with sports injury updates sponsored by Martin Law, the law firm for injured workers for over 40 years on Monday, Eagle said. Coach Doug Peterson said defensive end Vinny Curry and corner Craig James will miss some time because the significant injuries Brandon Grams and concussion protocol. Mile Sanders, Lane Johnson and Derek Barnett will get increased practice time this week. Hi, Lucy from Texas here, with more of our time spent at home, it was inevitable that our dishwasher stopped working. Luckily, I'm a member of American Home Shield. I went online to request service and then a qualified local contractor came out to fix the problem. It didn't matter that my dishwasher was over 10 years old because.

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