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Since been switched back to TV PG. Boom. Just like that. Boom. And boom. Just like that. Abu. And boo. Yeah. And. Any other news? I didn't have any. Rumor time. Rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bel Air club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. So 5 of reports that Triple H promised more transparency, moving forward during a talent meeting before raw. He said he wants open lines of communication between himself and talent and he once worked to be fun. Wow, imagine that a wrestling show. Yeah. In recent years talent would have to wait hours to talk with Vince McMahon because he was always busy rewriting the show. Obviously, Triple H wants a different culture. Right. And also with Stephanie and Triple H now in charge, a lot of people are expecting Sasha Banks and Naomi to return at some point. Okay, well. Just to just come back just like that, maybe. And they still walked out. I mean, Sasha gets burnt out. You got burnt out before she left for a while. Yeah. So maybe she's gone until the rumble or some shit. It's funny 'cause I know you don't really keep up with NXT. But Cora Jade through her women's tag title in the trash. Yes. So now there are no titles tag titles in WWE at all. They're like, we're done with this shit. That's crazy. So there you go. That's all the rumors I got, so it's trivia time. All right, what WWE superstar no longer wrestling has had 5 matches at SummerSlam and none of them have been a straight wrestling match. They're no longer a wrestler, you said? Correct. They're retired? Yes. Hall of Famer. 5 straight? No. Oh, they've only had 5. They've only had 5, and their career. They're a whole Famer, though, and they were only gimmick matches, everyone. Edge, no. No. It's already. It's like, no. I could tell you one of them, that is my give it away. You have any guesses before I say. Undertaker? No, one of them was against the undertaker at SummerSlam 90 6. 96. In a what kind of match? I want to sell? No, no, that was too early, sorry. Ask him, no. Buried alive? Boiler room match. Oh, mankind. Yeah. I win. I said the same time. You already had your guess. No idea. No, you're wrong. You're wrong. Yeah. Can't we just hug it out? Oh, fuck you. Play this out. I did. No, my sound for you. No, yeah. Well, fantastic. Fans have been requesting for this to join the sound board. I've had a lot of messages that they want this to join the sound board. What were you talking about? What was happening? Impersonating Tony Khan hugging the rest. Yeah, that's right. That's right. Yeah, so maybe that can go next to bust a nut if we don't have any more wild cards. I mean, we could get rid of it. I guess I could replace. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah, we never even use it. Yeah. Then we'll have two pornographic buttons. This thing will be all porn. They're making progress. Making progress. I guess it is a porn cast. All right, let's go to fan questions. Yeah. Let's do it. Lewis Vasquez, hey guys, now that Triple H is in charge, what three wrestlers should be excited about a potential push or being used more in the main roster and what three wrestlers should be worried about their position on the main roster, not exactly. Three that should be excited. Roman Reigns. Goldberg. Shut up. None of them need to be used and Robert Roode's one of them. Oh yeah. Yeah. I would think Champa for sure, Ciampa. He's doing nothing. Right. And rude and then who's someone like, probably theory, like he'll make theory good. Maybe. You know what I mean? He's a talented guy. Sure. Like turn it into something good. Sure. Actually he's gone. A lot of guys aren't going to see the light. Will she be worried? Let's see, Dana Brooke. 'cause all the 20 four 7 got the 24/7 club. Or true. He probably only keeps it's over. I bet he probably came over. I would think if he were to keep any of them, it would be R truth, but not to do 24/7. Correct. Right, right, right. Jake baker, the show started with a 6 man tag that lasted almost an hour. Said rob do great opening matches more often instead of endless promos. I mean, I don't know, it depends on what it is. Yeah. A good promo is great. It's better than a match sometimes. Oh my God, they should have Brock Lesnar walking down the hallway. Yeah. And he steps on something. And he hears one, two, three, ding, ding, ding, and he looks down and he just pinned the 24/7 champion, just walking. Yeah. He takes the belt and he goes, nope, and throws it in the trash. Done. Finished. That's the end of that. History is over. Or just pay Braun Strowman for one night to eat it. Oh, Jesus. What do you want to eat this webcam? Kyle foxton, so to recap the start of raw for anyone who missed it, Vince has chosen one. No matter how much people hated him, that was being pushed relentlessly, came out to the ring. Also, theory was also out there. Bobby Cox, who do you think should be the first person or group WWE brings back and why is it CFO money? That's good. That's really good. We need cool music again. I know. Make wrestling music cool again. Yeah. Joseph fuller, now that Vince is gone. Is it safe to start watching raw again? Not yet. We'll let you know. Yeah. Well, I mean, try the raw after SummerSlam, maybe. Maybe, you know? Chris dipper and I know Andrew hates Jordan Peele right now. Well, yeah, I didn't like nope. It was very boring. But have you seen the key and Peele sketch regarding Triple H as Obama, bring reintroduced to the talent, high comedy stuff. That's an overused meme now. Oh yeah. It's Jordan Peele as Obama shaking hands with people and then like dissing all the white people. But I guess they did them with Triple H and I imagine he shunned like Kevin Dunn. That's another rumor is that no. He embraced really embraced all the NXT talent, like Asuka and Kevin Owens and Ciampa. And then R truth like, oh, yeah. That's another rumor though, is that Kevin Dunn will soon be gone. And that's a good thing, because that's all the fucking shaky camera work that makes you want to vomit. Right. Steven Freeman now with Triple H in charge, what are some changes you realistically think will happen? You think we could get a forbidden door to with AW and WWE negative, maybe. I mean, maybe that's better than new Japan. That's for sure. They have the same owner. Of course. Yeah. But I mean, a lot of changes, how the show's presented. Yeah. No more fire all the riders. Right. Sorry. We just said, stop with the shaky camera shit, you know? Like, stop with like 13 camera cuts in 6 seconds. Exactly. Steven Stafford, what are the chances all the stuff with Vince is a work and it's part of a storyline just to answer what was in the lockbox. Shane was talking about when he returned. Well, I think that's the real story. We know it's in the lockbox now. We do.

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