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In spite of DNA test showing she does here again ABC's Mary, Bruce. His opponents say it's a racial slur, but President Trump relishes his nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren Boca Hodges, polka polka. Trump seizing on warrants claim that she's part native American. Even once leveling this challenge. I will give you a million dollars favorite charity, painful Trump. If you take the test Joe's urine into Trump claims. Warren used her heritage to help her get ahead. But there is no evidence advanced her career. Still the Massachusetts Senator who's trying a twenty twenty White House. Ron took up the president's challenge releasing video showing her receiving the results of DNA test. One of the facts say. American EMC Esther, in your pedigree. Warren was told she had a native American ancestor in the range of six to ten generations ago, but the president is Scoffing at the results. One. Over the country in apology. What's the percentage one thousand ads for that million dollar offer only of I can test her personally, okay. That will not be something I enjoy doing. Either the Cherokee nation called the president's attacks, derivative, but is also criticizing warrant saying she is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage. Adding a DNA test is useless. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to north or South America. The US Justice department is opening an investigation in Pennsylvania into the sex abuse scandal rocking the Catholic church. The first federal statewide probe into decades of wrongdoing. As we hear from ABC's David Wright, it comes on the heels of a grand jury report. The federal grand jury issued subpoenas this week to Roman Catholic leaders across Pennsylvania, seeking trove of sensitive documents and testimony about past abuse cases, federal prosecutors clearly following. Up on the work of the Pennsylvania grand jury, which this summer gave the first comprehensive view of abuses going back seventy years. Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them. Not only did nothing. They hit it all for decades. The statute of limitations had already expired on the vast majority of those cases. What's not yet clear is whether federal charges might apply. The Pennsylvania report is part of a worldwide reckoning over the church's past history of abuse and the massive cover up that enabled it for years here in the US, Pennsylvania was the first to take on the issue statewide. Now, a number of other states following suit already. The Pennsylvania report has had a major fallout within the church prompting the resignation. This month of one of America's most prominent Catholic leaders cardinal Donald world of Washington. DC US bishops have also launched a nationwide investigation of their own with the post blessing with a particular view to holding church leaders accountable for the cover up. Canadians outta store in Saint John's Newfoundland this week lining up around the block the day, the country, legalized recreational, marijuana, big deal moment, right? Purchaser, John Brown, celebrating and going deep crack and like the like puritanical ideals of like. The past, you're gonna tell an adult what they can and can't put in their body. Right. And then if they don't agree with you, then you're going to lock them in a brick cellar with bars. ABC's GIO, Benitez in Montreal. They started lining up before dawn down the street around the block, thousands of Canadians weighty hours to buy marijuana. Very much as the day went on the lines, grew longer, Canadian flags, unfurled the country. Now, one of only two in the world to legalize recreational pot. The Canadian medical association journal calls it all uncontrolled experiment putting money above the health of Canadians, but prime minister, Justin Trudeau who campaigned on a promise to legalize tweeted that regulating putt means profits out of the hands of criminals protection for our kids. It could also mean an estimated four hundred million dollars in tax revenues and some wonderful news from across the pond, Prince, Harry end wife, Megan, the duchess of Sussex are expecting a baby ABC's. James Longman has been traveling with the Royal couple in Australia. Kensington Palace announcing the Juechen duchess of Sussex will welcome a child in the spring. The couple breaking the news to family and friends at Harry's cousin Eugene's wedding, the Queen, William Kate, and Prince, Charles ole able to congratulate them in person before they flew off to a straight..

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