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So if they have. To stay in contention. That's great. But I think the better news. If you're a mariner Senate as you get to try out these young guys and see what they're capable of doing doing. How do you feel about the economics baseball right now where their bunch of young players who seemingly have taken under market contracts for the near future just to assure themselves money? Now, you gotta Ozzy Albee's. You've got Ronald kunia junior. Got low Jimenez is this a good thing for baseball or the optics. Just what they need to be. I mean, I don't like it at all. Because it's a situation where there's an asymmetric going on teams are committed to one goal and one goal only which is to suppress wages as much as possible, quite frankly. I mean, they want is all you. Right. It's money on he used to glorify this stuff. But I think we're coming around to the idea that athletes deserve their fair share when might try and sign for four hundred thirty million dollars. My first reaction was Mike trout remains severely underpaid. Because. But wind up over placement. He should probably be making about ninety million dollars a year. And that's not even county is all sealed value, which is tremendous. And the same thing goes every sport Russ, listen decide for thirty five million dollars a year. I listened for three or four Winston this team. If not more by himself, never mind, anybody on the line or anybody else athlete. You're just hysterically underpaid in every single sport. There would be no sports with athletes. There would be lots of other rich white guys who can buy teams. That's I'm not buying that though the symmetry to knee remains the players are underpaid. And when you have like it'll be it's a delicate situation because he came in with a low signing bonus families, not a family of means making those difficult situations with family members is still in Venezuela. I could be the case if he was from Iowa to it happens at these Venezuela, and you've just got a tough spot there where he he's willing to accept the below market contract and be done with it much like friend..

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