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And diminish the moment and we will look all eagles in the super bowl there was should have been about the game and a lot of that conversation was about to yo so it's not really any different than than what you would expect that this relationship is what you predicted and it's what kind of was very predictable for firm of the term here here but they can i wasn't in terms of i've gotta be carefully gotta let him our less mobile annapolis where the coast general manager chris bora ballard said the team was quote disappointed and surprised by jasper games decision to back out of their head coaching job the team has now left scrambling to find a head coach which could be tough since all the top candidates have already been hired cowardly feel sorry for the coq i feel sorry for andrew lock now i didn't have a coach had a bad gm has kind of an impulsive owner does he stole the battle line if i'm andrew luck i wake up this morning and i'm like jared gough gets make very and a great left tackled in garoppolo gets kyle shanahan to shawn watson gets experience bill o'brien and marcus morio to just got a new offensive coordinator i don't even know who might coaches i don't feel sorry for the calls chris ballard in jospin being shared shared with the the same age bob lamont has now dropped a josh mcdaniel's but chris ballard again the first sign of any hesitation wish there was before he kicked into the curb he should have moved on and he should've since that as you know again i've had the responsibility of hiring people for it is very tough but if somebody doesn't want the job and they give you sign you got one of the thirty to one of the most rare jobs in all of sports.

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