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To the chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei on the U. S extradition request. Forecasters keeping a close eye on a system that could become the next major storm along the Gulf Coast. Something John Bel, Edwards says. They really don't need at this point. I'm not trying to be an alarmist. They're not necessarily predicting that is going to strengthen into a hurricane. But they obviously cannot rule that out the Gulf Coast. In fact, a lot of Path from the Gulf Coast. Up to New England. Still trying to clean up after hurricane item more at town hall dot com. Tell me why. Relief Thank you is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question. Peten, Seth Talbot, the father and son, founders of relief factor. Tell me they believe our bodies were designed to hear that's right. Designed to heal. And now I agree. The doctors who formulated relief factor for Pete and self selected the four best ingredients 100% drug free ingredients. That each help your body deal with inflammation. That's correct. Each of the four ingredients deal with inflammation on a different metabolic pathway that right they're approaching your pain from four different angles may very well be. Why so many Americans find such wonderful pain relief if you have back pain, shoulder, neck, hip, knee or foot pain from exercise, or even just getting older. You must order the three week quick start now discounted to only 1995 to see if it will work for you, too. I think it could give your body what it means to heal itself. Got a relief factor dot com Call 805 183 84 Relief factor dot com. Former today show weatherman Willard Scott has died at the age of 87 Willard Scott had a favorite response. If you asked if he was a meteorologist, No, I'm a Southern Baptist. Scott's trademarks were 1/100 birthday greetings to viewers and dressing up in silly costumes, including a famous incident in which he dressed as Carmen Miranda. God created the Ronald McDonald character for Washington area commercials and was disappointed he was not chosen for the national ads. Scott was asked in a 2000 and four AP interview what he would send to the Today show if he made it to 100. I probably said the picture of being dressed as Carmen Miranda, and then some other picture would be shaking hands with the Pope Margie Szaroleta..

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