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And julio jones getting treatment on his leg injury as well yeah so wild that that is interesting all right the chiefs and the eagles joe we kind of know the deal with the i unless you have something to add the last time. Josh gordon was like fantasy relevant for full season. Razzano your big video game guy. You gave away man on the playstation five yes. The playstation four wasn't out yet the last time. That josh gordon was fantasy relevant. I at best. I think he becomes like a demarcus robinson. Nicole hardman type of producer. not thank. you can't help them but put the brakes a little bit. Only in deeper. Formats here for josh gordon with the chiefs the one thing i would say is last week. First and foremost. I think more coaches to do this. Ross running back to know they're not supposed to fumble. They know that. I must complete s heads. They understand that they feel awful clyde edwards. Elaire has fumbled two straight games. One cost the game against baltimore. The other leads to a score and they lose by scorch. The chargers what is anti redo. He doesn't bench. He says out there and play like your hair's on fire. Edwards had his best game season notable because the philadelphia eagles also play a predominant split safety zone look just like the chargers and razali ran for one hundred yards against charges. Last week the cowboys came out last week and decided. We're gonna try to run. The ball in. The eagles had pretty good success. Doing so would be surprised if edwards elaire has a solid game sweep. I tend to agree on that. Because i do think the eagles will play the split zone split safety again. And i do think they'll force the chiefs to be patient and run it. What about the birds on the other side. I don't think he's going to be making that mistake again. the fewest carries by running backs in pro football reference database which dates back to nineteen fifty. It was a disastrous game plan. And i don't think they're gonna make that mistake again. Nick serianni essentially came out and said you know the cowboys. We knew they were gonna score a lot of points. We thought we had to score a lot of points to keep up with them. But here's the problem. The cowboys are seasoned prizefighter. In their home ring. The cowboys have been doing this for a number of years. You're a rookie head coach with essentially a rookie quarterback. That was not a smart game. Plan by nick serianni ma mile sanders when he got lucky. Shot out of a cannon. I don't know. I don't know what the eagles were doing. But they think they're gonna go punch for punch with kansas city chiefs by the way at chiefs team coming off two consecutive losses. It's not gonna happen. You're going to have to run the ball week mile sanders. I would anticipate he gets fed in this game. I would anticipate. Eagles are going to use a lot more priests that motion. Why not go back to what worked in wheat. One pre snap motion or peos. Put your quarterback who still doesn't see the field like a veteran. Because he ain't a veteran was jalen hurts has made seven starts. he's a rookie. Like i like there. There's no pre snap motion put what put the guy in a position to succeed. Run the football run. The option like that's the only way eagles have shot in this game. I really like boston this week. Well you mentioned ps four. You're talking about josh gordon..

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