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Only had a proper bed to sleep on driven by the mission to provide a better place to sleep for everybody lisa is an innovative direct to consumer online mattress brand that is also socially conscious for every ten mattresses lisa cells they donate one to shelter they have a patented universal adaptive feel so lisa's designed for all types of sleepers features three premium foam layers including two inch vena foam top layer for cooling and breathe ability to inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring pressure relief six inch dense core support for durability and structure works for sleepers of all sizes and again i love mine i've talked about it before i love it sleep great on it could nascar better mattress maybe again ramirez more than anything you just fucking tired maybe the night stalker would have been a cuddle bunny would have been an old cuddle bunny if he was just a little more rested i'm not saying that's true but we don't know for sure that it's not anyway lease continuing expand to expand its offerings including a at least a pillow now blanket foundation in frame so try leesamattress in your own home for one hundred nights riskfree available in the us uk canada and germany online with free shipping this one hundred percent american made mattress ships compress in a box writes your door i know some other time suckers have gotten them and their loved him try to lisa dream gallery and so new york city virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide and get one hundred twenty five dollars off and a free pillow and free pillow when you go to l e essay dot com slash time suck or or if you listened on the time suck app or go to the times of websites you just click the sponsors from the little menu click sponsors and then click the lisa logo and you go straight to the deal i made it so easy for you all right march twenty seven nine hundred five back to back darkness down ramirez approaches a home that he burglarize year earlier these poor people in whittier a city in l a county twenty miles east of la run two am creeps up to light a window he sees vincent zara sleeping on a plaid couch televisions on.

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