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Preset abused. Children zero tolerance for bishops had covered up and the opening up of the archive in the evidence around the world. So we pressed the conference organizers at a minimum the new standards that you will adopt will include those three things. Essential. My take is did they are essential the conference organizers, tell us they will be announcing some new initiatives in the days ahead as one of them put it this is a big ship, and it's slow turn. But survivors have run out of patience. Tom David Wright. Reporting from the Vatican tonight, David thank you, not of the second summit showdown between President Trump and Kim Jong UN just days away. ABC White House. Correspondent Terry Puhl? Mary joins me live now and terror. The White House would likely have one eye on Capitol Hill where Michael Cohen is expected to testify next week at the same time as this high stakes summit, Tom President Trump will try to keep the focus on his attended. You know, US president has done before denuclearize the Korean peninsula. North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN is into the second day of his train ride to Hanoi. Vietnam, where the two leaders will meet after their first summit in June, President Trump declared that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, but this morning secretary of state Mike Pompeo said there still a danger because they have not taken significant steps to. Mantle their nuclear arsenal. As you mentioned on the day of their summit. There will be a political distraction. Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen will be testifying publicly on Capitol Hill and just days ago. President Trump was already lowering expectations for this event saying there's no rush denuclearize for him. The fact of the North Koreans have launched a missile is a sign of success. Tom. Tara tara. Thank you next tonight to Hollywood the Academy Awards now just hours away. And while there may not be an official Oscar host this year. There is no shortage of storylines ABC's. Kenneth Whitworth is on the red carpet. And they ask goes to the school goes to and the Oscar goes to tonight, there could be several Oscar firsts Glenn Close may finally have her Oscar moment if you're traveling for nuggets bitterness, you'll find none here. The seventy one year old actress has seven nominations the most of any actress with no wins. But it's possible. She's upstaged by newcomer Roma's, yell Lita, upper recedo satisified, a seven flirty who could become the first ever indigenous Mexican woman to win best actress in a leading role iconic director, Spike Lee could also be the first African American to win a directing Oscar and with no clear front runner in the best picture category. For the first time in years. Anything could happen Roma and the favorite. Lead the pack with ten nominations apiece. A star is born and vice both up for eight awards. But Black Panther already a big winner at the sag awards, and it could be the first superhero film to win it all after a roughly up to the ninety first Oscars the academy without a host for the first time in thirty years. There will be several celebrity pairings and not all of them are straight out of Hollywood. Serena Williams rumor to end the show announcing best picture along with Barbara, Streisand and many others can't wait with joins us. Now live from the red carpet and lots of new ideas at the Oscars tonight. Like you mentioned tennis star. Serena Williams, presenting just one of those examples and the academy also tighten up how long people can actually give their acceptance speech. Tommy academy saying that one of the most tastic things about presenters like Serena Williams is not only is she a cultural icon, but she brings a film lovers and presence to the show..

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