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I don't focus too much here because i do also want to talk about metal gear briefly and kingdom hearts. So what were your overall thoughts for for. The bloodborne books in sweden gets talked about that at all. Well i won't say too much on the topic. But i will say this honestly i personally like bloodborne more. The dark souls sorry Although that's you know we won't go down that rabbit hole. Generally speaking if you are nude all of the games bloodborne is more offensively. Minded dork is more defensively minded. It really boils down The bloodborne comic. Though honestly i was really really really impressed with that. And that's coming from someone who is not an alice as a alice. I think it's right. Yeah yeah. I'm not a huge fan. I think sometimes the books are deliberately really really really confusing. And i don't know if this is a credit to either caught or his editor. Or both. But i found this story to be very focused. Very character oriented. Yes it seems like it's trying to copy lone wolf and cub a little bit. But i think that's fine I think the peter kowalski's Artwork is just totally underrated. What a perfect get for this book. Totally nails all of the art. All of the costumes. All of the characters all of the weapons perfectly and the backdrops are just if you wanna look decaying castles forever. Never like boy. Do i have a book for you. And i was like these look so good and then of course. In the back there's a behind the scene section and we We get to see some of these like classical paintings. that caught was giving kowalski as inspiration. and it makes a lot of sense like there was any get. I'm not. I'm not knocking tracing. I'm not knocking model photographs or things like that for drawing. I think whatever allows you to get whatever you need out of something perfect. Just go do it. but cots inspiration was was perfect in kowalski's nailing. An execution of those concepts was perfect. I think i might actually read the second volume of this book in. If you're a bloodborne fan. I think you'll like this. There's so much of a debate in the game over like what's real what's illusion. What's a dream. And that's like really in cots wheelhouse of like debating reality and and you know what is quote unquote real to the point that there's even like a you died. Screen pulled straight out of the game in the book. So i have nothing but great. Praise for that book honestly. Gotcha you're selling me. Because i didn't even realize it was Kowalski on our. And i loved that guys work since i. I saw it in in the book. Sex that he did with. Joe casey awhile back and he he also did that. An incredible book with matt kent. I think it was anyways. We wouldn't have to get into that but yeah that's that sounds like a great combo..

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