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Random that our loss landen's like sr penny go at my door so landing either still doubling she's like doubling down on this uh this sticking up for katherine thing which lantern is just crazy this episode because she bass elite so violently between her two viewpoints but right now she's still being nice and she sang janas like sharing she probably gelatine the nanny and i get a human manning is then time with your kid in my mind he just jose and kitty leg it's not cuong thank you um i mean she basis saying i guess it just all this stuff reminder of her her husband i don't know if it was here that she was talking about it but she i think i think that her her minds that was no matter what i think catherine thomas was doing is fogged up in like he shouldn't act like that and so i was going to stand up for katherine even though i think that she's the worse because then at the end this conversation she's like i'm glad that we made up like i said i wanna be around no and tammy's like where i will tell you this catherine she had your back he usually it was in a big way it was jack kantor she pulled out of sorts that team ratliff i was like okay bear we gather here being nice to lamp in for whatever reason for murdered menachem elizabeth does not like land include because she's like whale had flags are a but it's really up to you to sabah you monte my red flags were up await those are just jaidee's cheeks nevermind.

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