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I haven't been back to the state since i haven't been to sit a with ron and russell watches crazy. Listen edgar let me just pitch this idea because you know things are going very well for you. Have this movie coming out last night. And so if you could just by the cinerama dome we could. It's available now. You could just go watch it. There is that a unreasonable. Just come on. Come on. And i think people on on twitter underestimate how much money i have. How can you say no to wait. Wait they overestimate the overestimates right. I roam it's like. Witnessing ramadan thing happened suddenly people said hey. Can you not just by sitting around within the hollywood like yes. I have tens of millions of la real estate money to and and operating capital. Yes good tax deduction though so you know that's not a bad idea. That's not a bad idea. I i mean i listen. Everyone loves the movie and rightfully. So it's it's so good. This movie is so. It's artistically inspirational. But just i love it. It's just you know. Even though the movie has its ups and its downs. It just feels good like the movie just feels good does it does it. Is that how you perceive the story yourself a greg. Why i guess part of the inspiration for it was the Having so band. I kind of like you know like it like a superfan fan when you five suddenly like very aware response what they look like and what they sound like and then of over the years being so of an ongoing kind of like turning into like a long light fan obsession. I think like one of the reasons. I wanted to make the documentaries. I felt that run russell in this century since two thousand Beethoven had so just kind of like flying in the face of the trajectory of any other band. Been going that long. I can think of anybody else that was like he was bringing out new material so regularly that was as good as if not better than the in big embiid inverted commas golden period. I think we did like. I think it's fair to say. I'm gonna speak on behalf. They don't like to think of a goto period because of all goethe's so so to me. That was the thing that was amazing is but most like bands going through slowing russell. Have i feel that will run. A rustling been doing is to be loaded too so keep kind of pushing the boats out like keep doing what they wanna do. And just saying to the audience catch up and i think that's something that most bands don't do that to nevis kinda lose an audience at russell have ever done that. All not like Liberals you know well. I wonder also because you know if you're so tied to a result of something where you know it's like oh i guess we live or die by this thing whether we lose a thing or get a thing. Then you probably are in a constant state of fear to try new things. But ron and russell you constantly even even when stuff succeeds ugo. While i. we can't do that again. we have to. We have to keep moving forward and exploring. And.

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