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Of the better broadcasters I think in all sports and Brian Anderson who does the baseball the tournament the basketball for Turner and yeah we might be looking at a world which you got broadcasters doing games off of monitors and that's going to be the case mark my words you can have a couple blown calls mixed in a specially in baseball we could be a post about the idea of you know all that ball is hit be able to judge it off the bat and the sound in the trajectory you can do that from a lot of broadcast boots ahead of a lot better than you going to do from the monitor I mean how many you guys watch the game on your TV and get completely full watch it live I know I do countless times we might jump body seat I mean that's going to take some serious restraint from our answers since four is trying to figure that sort of stuff up but I think they will and I think they'll find a way that is if the games are back world gonna time we're gonna sign for we're gonna take it now I have in front of me ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the seating and I'm not gonna give you my thoughts on any of these particular matchups because listen these are thoughts that belong on having show money on when I am a part of it but what I'm going to do is I'm going to unveil all the moments I'm actually not even going to tell you the seating I'm gonna let you guys be surprised with the seating and will be announced tomorrow so we got the always consults walk off that is in here we got the winner take all game five in Anaheim for the Yankees which is in here and I remember that game very very well that was a game in which Ervin Santana came out of the bullpen and shut down the Yankees have today not Cologne out with an injury that was a miserable miserable Columbus and I for me and it was the day after the Yankees won the game for to keep the series alive he got the midges game you got the Kenny Rogers demand a lot of doozies in here you got game five two thousand four then you got LBS ninety seven game for that's the sandy Alomar game you got Josh Beckett which we discussed you got the wild quarter loss to the Astros that of course was in twenty fifteen then on the other side of the bracket it's game seven it's game seven of seventeen against the Astros so you got for game seven you got L. C. S. twenty seventeen game seven then you got the IBM Watson as game which I put pretty high on the rankings if it was me making the seating you got the game which Derek Jeter dot horde and I vividly vividly vividly remember that game because that was a day in which I went to Rutgers Syracuse high noon I went to Syracuse Rutgers game in Piscataway Syracuse lost spawning came back got like two hours to watch college football thing got back in the car and proceeded to drive the anti stadium for game one of the LCS which ended up being a miserable miserable loss then you got wow so basically also for.

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