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Though, is sore. What is going paragliding? What's the story? I can tell you a funny story about sore as well. Sore is one of the few Gartner terms where the acronym was coined before the meaning. No way. I thought they all worked that way. No, no, of course. Well, when EDR or sim or others were created, for sort of a concept of build first, and then a suitable acronym was found for sore suitable acronym was found first. And then the term appeared, which is in fact a really interesting because the first time sore meant something else. It did not mean security orchestration, automation, and response. What did it mean? Actually, I forgot the old one. The 2015 sore had something else. But then it became the current sore, and then it soared. So finally, we analysts will, at the time, we found the right meaningful. That's amazing. Today, it's an exciting technology. It's a technology that's getting wider and wider deployments. And to me, this is definitely fascinating because we see sore sort of get to cross the chasm maybe. Maybe it's crossing the castle already. Got it. And with that, I'm delighted to introduce today's guest, ammo stern, CEO of simplify, now part of Google Cloud. Amos, we've got a sore in the news again. So what can we say about the state of sort in 2022? I've been hearing about sore. It feels like a long time now. Where is it in its journey? Great to be here. Thanks, Timothy and Anton. I've been chasing Anton for quite some time, so happy to finally get on the cloud podcast. And I have some time to debate and shoot some arrows at each other. Hopefully the same direction. Hopefully not at me though. No, you can be neutral. Oh, perfect. Yeah, so I've been in the news recently. Of course, the first thing that probably we can address the elephant in the room and talk about some of the consolidation..

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