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You for your strength at a time when this Republic needs at the most. Thank you and make. It's not too late. John mccain. Oh my God. This morning, we remember John McCain is humor. His leadership and his lifetime of service to the United States of America, a country that the Senator said, he learned a love while being a prisoner in another country. Welcome to morning Joe on this Monday, August twenty. Seventh. And we've brought in a lot of people to talk about the legacy and life of Senator John McCain. We've MSNBC contributor Mike barnicle president council in foreign relations. Richard Haass, NBC news, chief foreign affairs correspondent and a host of Andrea Mitchell reports, Andrew Mitchell, Washington anchor for BBC world news America. Katty Kay and historian, and the author of soul of America and Rogers professor of the presence. He'd Vanderbilt University. Jon Meacham meek, morning off willy will also be back later this week and. There's so many Jon Meacham you go through all the paradoxes. All the all the conflicts that are internal, the United States of America and its greatness. And you talk about always arguing towards. Ever upward. And our trajectories civilization, John McCain had some conflicts. He had some contradictions. He had sharp elbows. He had sharp edges and yet in all of my years, dealing with the man. It made me love him even more even when I knew at times when he loaded me, he he was a straight shooter. He spoke his mind and he was exactly what America needed not only in the nineteen sixties in Vietnam, the courage that he showed the extrordinary strength showed, but also the age of Trump a man who just didn't give a damn about an errant tweet from a blustery president because he had already been through hell and back and he could put up with it. Absolutely. He is the Greek said, character is destiny and his character as a young man, both before his captivity and afterward, we're bore those salient elements that you just described. Here's a young man who I think graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis. And I think as he wants put it rarely met members of the opposite sex or for minted liquid that he did not enjoy, I think was was one way he framed it. And then he's tempered and shaped in that cauldron of captivity in Vietnam and emerges as at once Reverend about America and irreverent about himself. And that is a powerful combination. And I think that we all benefited from it. He called them as he saw them. He defies easy, ideological categorization at, I think one of the reasons so many people have been so affected by this is we realize that in this tribal moment, we've lost someone who was willing to look at an issue, look at a question and just tell you what he thought damn the consequences. And that's, you know, might offered. Yeah. Certainly did. And Mike, very few would have guessed that. John McCain would have served his country become really the most prominent American public figure of the past fifty years that didn't serve as president from that start that Jon Meacham said he was always filled with surprises. He wasn't considered to be a serious student and you know, he was Pensacola, he went through Pensacola. Everybody had a story about John McCain, crawling onto their porch, the middle of the night and leaving their porch in the early morning while he was in flight training and our time just. But it's so fascinating that he was seen as this party boy. Then he goes to Vietnam. He gets shot down. He's given an opportunity to leave because they find out, oh my God. This this, this, this POW's father is one of the top admiral's will let him go, McCain refuses to go. He stays with his band of brothers while he's getting beaten unmercifully to appoint that, he'll never be able to raise his arms over his shoulders for the rest of his life character that no one saw coming character like we see..

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