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Why are they showing jacker put it? It's what are they talking about Eric decker? And they have Tennessee titans like actually their second second-leading wide receiver. That's one of those things that like unless obviously fantasy football people knew and maybe at some point you picked him up because of injury. I'm intrigued by this. I've told you what NFL people will tell you is this there is no better team in the history of the NFL at picking up somebody off the waiver wire picking up somebody off the street and all of a sudden putting them into a specific role and having success Eric decker is just that guy the game last night, Robert Griffin. The third made his preseason debut for Baltimore. He went seven for eleven for fifty eight yards through one touchdown and one pick, Chris. Do you think RG three can still succeed in the NFL I do. I was really encouraged by what I saw him last night. I thought he had great command of the offense. You know, he threw the ball. Well, the interception was completely the ROY. Receivers. I mean, it literally hit the receiver in the hands and he just dropped it in. It went bounce to a defender, RG three look, good. Again, his attitude was a big problem. You know, locker room getting along with his teammates. Seemed like he was arrogant, but maybe he's been humbled over the past years, you would think he has. And so I think he can help football team and maybe even be a starter in this league. If you're not humbled by losing your starting job and then being out of the league as the league, all of us your and by the way like, look, you got divorced like his, his stock went from peak like this is the next wave of athlete to out of the NFL. So I do believe us humbled. He did look like an NFL quarterback and look. The job of a backup is very different than the job of a starter. We'll see if he can make Joe flacco better because that's his job now. And finally, Andy Reid coach. Darrel Owens Philadelphia referred to the hall of Famer as quote, one of the most coach of guys. I've. Ever been around. Of course, te'o is in Chattanooga, instead of canton this weekend, Chris, will he regrets skipping out on the hall of fame festivities as I was watching that game last night and you know, you see the introduction of all hall of famers Ray Lewis. Randy moss on and so forth. In the highlights they're playing. I felt I didn't feel like I was mad at te'o when like men, you stupid. How could you do this and criticizing him? But I felt sorry for like you should be there. Why are you not there? Like everybody would be pouring accolades onto you. There was no hint of even with him not being there. There was no hint of disgust among, you know, the NFL the highlights they show. We're all of course positive about him like this would have been a positive weekend for him. And as you heard the quote from Andy Reid, I think this would have been a time when you did hear more people speak like this. Chris Canty was here the other day. He said he was a great team in Dallas, you know? So I think t. o. messed up like this is like when you have the money and the means to have a really great wedding. And instead you just go to the Justice of the peace like, okay, that's fine. It's okay. It's a of, but man, why not celebrate it with your friends and family and have. A great time. I just think this would have been a great time and a chance for the beginning of the redemption of t o.'s reputation. He'll say that his perception is not true, but it's out there and we've seen athletes, Randy moss is one Ray Lewis is one, Alex Rodriguez in baseball. You see it all the time. We're athletes who had a bad reputation during their playing days. Michael Irvin's enough. They rehabilitate themselves after they're done plane. And maybe that could happen with Teo still could perhaps, but this could have been the big moment for that to begin. Yeah, listen, first thing is for the record. I think a big wedding waste of money. I'm more of a destination. We had a big wedding, loved it. But then I think her parents been a ton of mine. I mean. It's a, it's a party for everybody else..

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