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Now. The new main event is islam. Akasha versus tiago noises. We got the return of michel tate against the soon to be retired. Marion renault jeremy stevens versus Game rod he's had some wonderful comments this week which are not going to get into and more so spencer. We go back to you my friend. Who's bringing the car to the table on this weekend. You have your ballot or and why for me. It's the ufc but it's not by a wide margin. Shout out to. To some of the people competing on tour juliana velasquez a terrific fighter. Very much interested in seeing that fight. They get a good match up. I wanna see what she does in her her first title defence shout out to matt material for his. I throw hand son comment today that they've made the rounds on on the internet. As somebody like started out the questions it's like. Hey matt you just keep losing in. He was like cool. That's how we're doing this all right. Sure let's go and then the asked him how he's gonna win and impure meat fashion. I throw hands on. That's what i do. There are some good prospects as you mentioned very curious to see what they do but it also feels like kind of the standard ballatore play with some of their prospects where they're in highly winnable fights as opposed to competitive fights. That are necessarily gonna give us a lot of instruction about what they can do in the future and a bunch of the prospects in a bunch of the matchups on the card a little bit more. Gabriel benitez billy corgan. Te'o is violence guaranteed certainly looking forward to that one I think amanda moishe and montserrat releases really interesting. Fight individually amanda. Lima has looked really great in her. Last three fights. You mentioned montoya scam Tim earlier this week super interested to see what he doesn't jeremy stevens who even though he doesn't have a win in his last five fights look at who has been facing look at who it is. It is beaten him. He's still a tough out. I think that's a really good. Litmus test for gamer we get the return to me tate. We get a really competitive main event that to me. I know it's not the fight that people necessarily wanted for islam hasha that that's because nobody wants to fight this dude and if tiago moi's s who is also a kind of unheralded unsung dude. On a three fight. Winning streak goes out there and beat them. We suddenly have a brand new contender in the division. And that's kind of what. I'm always looking for an so shout out for a good card and interesting card but i give it to the ufc. On saturday ak what do think because like we've talked about many times on this show and other shows the pay per view hangovers or real. You have to sixty four storyline ridden kind of makes these upcoming cards fly under the radar like there should be a lot more fanfare around the fact that is a market chef is fighting that we should take this coming back. It's just not really there and it's not their fault. It's just what happened with to sixty four and everything that's come from it and then balladur's coming back. This is the card sort of go home. show to the what. Everyone's got their eyes on at the end of the month. That's headlined by patricia. Pit bull versus agent. Mckee so to fi- cards that are interesting in their own ways. But they're not really in the most interesting times if you will with everything else going on so with that being said which card sticks out to you top to bottom more would you. Do you like the ballatore card better. Do you like. Do you have see card better while the good news is people have to choose in. On the prince of positivity. I tell people if you guys looking for fights this weekend remember bell tours on friday it on saturday. You can watch you choose. So it's awesome. I'll make the case rebel tour so I'm certainly for all the reasons that spencer mentioned. I'm very excited for the ufc card. I love very excited. Adult havana comeback. I thought that last night was obviously exciting. Hell and completely unexpected. What happened to him. But i think he's a. He's a truly original type fighter. And i wanna see see that so the thing before i get into bell towards the thing with the card is it. Feels like i gotta. I was feeling phrases correctly for lot of these fighters. It's it's not there. They're one fight away from what we're going to really be Their big fight. If that makes sense mcevers noise is not the matchup that a lot of people wanna see for match. I think it's a cool fight on paper. But i think the people have been making on our mastering show matchmaking macho people like the top five like they just wanna see makhachov make a big jump up so there's a good fight. I don't know if this must see fight that if you're macho van they like me. I'm happy to see this one. I think that's the next one. It will be as big opponent. Saving mutate comeback fight. They're giving us saw another sawed veteran in many marian renault who is i believe gonna retire after this fight and you feel like meditating should win her next fight israel really going to be the canvas one i say the same thing about Matusse gambro downward because again. He lost his original opponent. So he's out. He's not facing a newcomer. His next fight. I think is going to be the one to watch Taha searching moore's law both great prospects. I think again their next by the so. It's kind of obviously if you're hardcore fan. Yoga said you don't wanna miss either card but this this is like for a lot of people. It's it's the one before with the want. Their fight is really gonna make an impact bell tour some of the same way but some of the fights are so. I like that as prospect building. I liked that we're gonna see Hopefully highlights for like john iblin for diana apsara. Gova that i like cars. That are built this way. I think you have underlined blank on there. She's always an exciting fight. So i like a lot and then you have the potential for big knockout and taro fortune at taro. Fortune and matt mitcham. But i'm really jazzed up probably overselling the carpet because of how jazz by an for the main event i actually really like juliana velasquez. Denise kill holds matchup. i haven't taken a good look at the. It's my understanding that Denise you'll holds pretty sizable underdog which is reasonable as pros give. Blazquez is undefeated in has looked great in bell tour. But i think kills is actually a very very very dangerous challenger I like her story. How she how she got to the title shot off see. She's a foam belt or kickboxing champion. So this is a really high level flyweight flight and think flight of course is one of the most underrated divisions across about the cnn belts or elsewhere that has flyweight division so the main event. I actually like i. I like the main event more. Noggin not take from. Jeff 'cause he's a future star for sure But i like the belt or main event more so just on the strength of that plus some of the other reasons i kind of mentioned i'm given.

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