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Possible some California public school students could be in classes ball, but not likely Governor Gavin Newsom. Schools can physically open For in person education when the county that they're operating in has been off our monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. Newsome ads all staff. And students in third grade and above must wear masks students in the second grader below we strongly encourage wearing masks, the state's two largest district's Los Angeles and San Diego, say they will begin the school year with online classes. Attended to plan in Chicago has students in the classroom just two days a week and spending the other three days. Learning remotely once the school year starts. Former vice president and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden says schools should be re opened. The question is how to make it safe. To make it stick. Forcing education students back into a classroom in areas where the infection rate is going up or remaining very high, is just plain dangerous. Military medical personnel are being sent to hospitals in California and Texas to help handle the overflow of covert 19 patients. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says her cancer has returned and she is receiving chemotherapy. Theeighty, seven year old Ginsberg says she has no plans to retire from the court. Maybe soccer. Magali reports President Trump is prepared in case she does decide to resign. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says he'd imagine the president would quickly make a high court appointment and look for the Senate to move equally fast. Senate GOP chief Mitch McConnell has said if there is a Supreme Court vacancy during this election cycle, The chamber would likely confirmed the president's nominee. This is AP News. The mayor of Portland, Oregon, and Governor Kate Brown are demanding President Trump get federal officers dressed in military battle gear off the streets of the city. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says Trump is using the Department of Homeland Security to promote his reelection effort. Mr President. Federal agencies should never be used as your own personal army. A spokesman for the governor says arresting people without probable cause is extraordinarily concerning and a violation of their civil liberties and constitutional rights. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf blames local and state authorities for not putting an end to the protest that have been going on since shortly after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd. Four Border Patrol employees have been fired. 38 others have been suspended without pay for taking part in a Facebook group that mock members of Congress and migrants. I'm Tim Maguire. Happy NEWS. Reverend C. T. Vivian, a key adviser to Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior who organized pivotal campaigns in the civil rights movement, died Friday at the age of 95. Vivian began staging sit ins against segregation in the 19 forties. In the 19 fifties, he met King and organized the freedom rides that forced federal intervention and for decades after that, he kept fighting in 2013 President Barack Obama honored Vivian with the presidential Medal of Freedom, Rosa Parks said of him. Even after things that supposedly been taken care of, and we had our rights. He was still out there. Inspiring the next generation. Including May the King Center tweeted a powerfully well live life that lifted humanity. We will miss you. Reverend C T. Vivian dead at the age of 95. I'm Julie Walker Corona Virus update and the passing of a lion of civil rights. I'm Ben Thomas with an AP news minute Confirmed Corona virus cases around the world have topped 14 million and death sister passed 600,000. That tally as of Saturday morning from Johns Hopkins University. The World Health Organization reports a single day record of new infections over 237,000. United States has recorded more than 3.6 million infections and more than 139,000 Americans have died from covert 19. Congressman John Lewis, who carried the struggle against racial discrimination from the southern battle grounds of the 19 sixties to the halls of Congress, has died at the age of 80. Washington correspondent Soccer Mahogany has more. AH, young Louis says his life changed after meeting Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks in spite me to find a way to get in the way to get in trouble. And I got in trouble trouble. He marched in Washington and Selma, Alabama. There were dozens of arrests and brutal beatings. We had dreams. Somehow, I instantly The change in 2018. Lewis said America had made progress toward racial equality but worried about new forces trying to take it back Word trying to take us So, Doc a time he urged the nation to unite. We all live in the same house. American House. I'm soccer Megane and another prominent leader of the civil rights movement. The Reverend C. T. Vivian, has died at the age of 95. Barack Obama honored Vivian with the presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 at early and key adviser to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr Obama remembered Vivian as always one of the first in the action. Ben Thomas. AP News Thank you for listening to.

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