Kevin Keegan, Celtics, Dominique discussed on First Take - Lasting Legacy: 5/30/17


Switching to gaiko save you bunch of money on car insurance cocaine judges that's true kevin keegan's kyko because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer fastbreak quit gentleman ninety seconds on the clock jonwal told the bench that the wizards downfall against the celtics excuse me that the bench was dominique is wall right i mean i think it's definitely statistically is right there the worst worse scorn of any of all sixteen teams in a playoff having said that i don't know that you go out and kind of denigrates your teammates like that publicly but he's definitely telling celtics jam danny ames told the boston herald that he wants to keep is there thomas max is this the right call i i did a final about how they need to trade them my favorite player with this guy's now saying he'll structures contract in such a way they can manipulate the cap and make the team better this guy had so much heart and brains i can't trade isaiah i give up an aboutface one eighty gotta keep that guy according to the san francisco chronicle the raiders sold out season tickets for twenty seventeen down he surprised i'm not surprised those firms are passionate and maybe there are selling out the ticket as the tickets as a message to mark davis since he's kind of recovering a bit of a out even though i don't necessarily begrudge him from moving his team is kind of treading on their the fans allegiance still moving the team for a better deal in las vegas.

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