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Yeah that'd be old messed up the game is so cool but it feels like it's like to actively defying you at every turn sometimes with like a little bit laid event like i i invite of any last night just to get him into our squad which is bad enough process own hourquet and all that stuff is but once he was in there he's like hey let's do something and then it took is like twenty minutes to figure out how to get in the same expedition together reeling there finally figured out if i felt like he he started an expedition in the sean as well as flare sir and then i had a search for it but i i said the search parameters too tightly and it didn't come up with his thing and i can figure out why it's ridiculous and sorry yeah it's i failed yeah i feel like i have to follow giants for heart parts of the game just feel like they're out of two thousand there's well yeah i'm in for sure uh there are there are parts i like i think they're patch notes they just hit today are dislike hey uh we know some squads broke and if you were in a if you were in a broken squatty eta had of remand is you'll be disbanded oh man it was the only way they could fix it lagasse uh some people left to start over on that and it sounds like having some matchmaking problems on xbox one were just like it it's not like you're just not connect yet i think that he heard it's persistent yeah the some people are still having find time with it but yeah i mean i have an end any like david network issues it's like it it it's just men pay the way this game is built is weird kind of once you rather minor on that you can get stuff done more or less yet totally be i had i had a couple a good luck finding that the alba's i had a couple of you know like that was the first fight that i loss.

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