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I mean they've had tremendous. <hes> tremendous talent come out of the air given how small it is but it's definitely something did not <hes> i'll throw a bug and a dave's <hes> ear to see you know if he wants to join me in that research take a look at really corners and see how they perform after thirty thirty 'cause that has to go take the here's a deasy in our lives had said. Do you think that sherman is still elite. He's thirty one years old richard sherman. Yes absolutely not so that would be was nearly two years ago. Was he still on the seahawks he was he was wanting to see how yes i don't think he's been in the league player system but i think he also had her injury he towards the keys a._c._l. He had a bad injuries. There has to factor in like a house. You're gonna hold up physically <hes> but i think when he was healthy and when he was with seattle he was a dominant player for sure but i don't think he's approached what he was in seattle in san francisco. I think it also depends on to me. What do you want to do with the cornerback. Drill rebus was ribas island for a reason he was unmatched when it came to one on one put put me out on an island and i got it on lockdown but at the same time it's not not every quarterbacks asked to do that. I don't see joe haden being asked to do that to any types lives so if he fits your system and you think even if he gets a harris lower but still has the veteran presence to play in your system that maybe you offer him a had a tooth. I wouldn't do an extension. I tried to get him a new deal. Altogether draft a corner they yeah they did they did justin lane haven't heard much from him from camp just to chime in there but <hes> we'll see. We'll see it's interesting. These are some storylines. We're going to keep an eye on. I'm gonna go out on a limb here nostradamus style and save it joe haden. We'll get an extension before the season starts. No it's not no strict thomas his gesture dominance. It sounds safety.

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