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And Cher. Really gives her a platform to express herself. But in a way that is very sophisticated when you think about Bob macky look beyond the sequence. This is someone who started out as an assistant with the great Hollywood costumer Jean-Louis, John Louis was the customer who created Marlena Dietrich's cabaret act costumes from John Louisa tally a he went to work with Edith had multiple Oscar when our who worked with Alfred Hitchcock his training in those Hollywood costume studio. Workshops was as sophisticated as say Karl Lagerfeld experience working for pier. Bell math in Paris. Okay. He understood how to build a costume like it was a piece of Qatar, and he has done that we share from the beginning that they met. So you say that there's so much sophis-. Dictation to Bob macky that we should understand. But razzle dazzle is clearly front and center and always seeing people today in entertainment in fashion who are embracing razzle dazzle with equal passion. You know, I look at at Bob as the sort of Raja of rhinestones, the Sultan, I would say of swarovski he really took that old Hollywood variety show or Vegas act costume and contemporary it in the seventies. I think similarly what is going on. Now is you you are seeing these very sophisticated designers who are doing the same thing there might be less of it. But it certainly there is a Bob macky infusion spring summer. Eighteen Gucci Alexandra Maekelae who I recently saw at Chateau marmot lounging around his spring summer two thousand eighteen show is indebted. It was inspired by the stage wardrobe that Bob macky created for Elton John's nineteen seventy seven stadium tour. And when you look at the designers today who are really championing Bob macky that is Adam Selman who. In two thousand fourteen created a nude allusion dress for Riano to wear to the FDA awards. If you look at Michael Halpern who has a has a collaboration with top shop at the moment, which you can find at the grove. Let's fast forward to this summer summer twenty nineteen and what is the met costume exhibition celebrating but camp, okay? Rupaul part of the committee rupaul Bob macky costumed rupaul award season is coming up. We're going to be seeing a lot of red carpet fashion over the coming months. We hoping that we'll see anything on the level of pizazz that Mackey created for his movie stars, especially share. You know, I think right now, the red carpet is an entirely different place because of me too. And I really think women the whole black wave. That kind of the black veil that was draped over the red carpet last year, which actually came off at the Oscars. But I think it's kind of allowed actresses to let down their hair and be a little bit more individual. So that's another thing about working with a designer. You know, a lot of these actresses today flipped from one design house to another. Consequently, a lot of them don't have an identity share like say, Elizabeth Taylor who long worked with Helen rose, Audrey Hepburn who long worked with Uber. Givenchy share really followed in that footsteps, and I would love to see a contemporary actress really keep to that. You know? I think also what's happened with the Oscars, and what Bob macky that sense of fun and mischievousness and kind of that kind of forbidden glamour where you were touching on. Say drag or you know this camp, look, which is what they were referencing certainly and punk, you know, going back to shares incredible outfit at the Oscars which was informed by punk and really caused a stir. And I don't think anyone aside from Bjork in that fantastic. Swan costume has ever come close to it. But the fact is today design houses, you know, Armani Valentino Chanel they control the red carpet because they have professional contracts with actresses Gucci where actresses are contractually obliged to wear a designer that they are aligned with. And consequently, they don't want a kind of fun stunt on the red carpet, they want a look that's going to be a strong as an advertisement that you would see in American vogue and does Bob Mackie designed new costumes are we seeing more like sort of just updates of all costume. Well, Bob macky is actually a character in the play. He's portrayed by Michael Barabbas, the actor who's been in a chorus line and kiss me Kate. He Bob macky, actually designed the costumes for himself to betray Bob macky and put him in a rather swanky kind of snakeskin blazer, which is kind of fun. He has said that he actually never kind of wore that. But you know, you always have to elevate it. There are a lot of great recreations of those iconic share costumes, so we're talking about a number of her Oscar guises, those were all costumes there. It wasn't about fashion. You're seeing you know, the gypsy tramps and thieves belly dancer meets native American Indian. But it's not just the same old.

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