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Chief national correspondent author of forty two faith, with us Wait I. Thought it, was new Brian now sorry you still want to stay Yeah you actually like you better she's not, listening, right he's on no well he actually. Might, because he likes to know Because I. Think the world, of? Both of you. Well, guess what it is your birthday today just It is my birthday, I feel old bows especially compared to you guys but I enjoy, hosting, with you and with Brian it's my, birthday I can't I. Can't disagree with you there but I'm so glad, that you decided to wake up and spend the, morning with us Yeah this is great On and on You've had called you've had quite. A busy, week I mean you were in Helsinki just a few days ago to think that it's Friday now and that. Was on Monday it is just the way. Things go in the cycle were woke up at the Helsinki. Or Tuesday morning it's somehow made it to the. Major league baseball all star, game in Washington DC. On Tuesday night the. Very same day obviously go, back in time but the time zones. And all that but I was determined to get my son Patrick to the all star game because we both. Big baseball, fans you know we've never been the all star game was. DC this year I had tickets and we made it and we had. A great time I saw that Instagram and I thought is this. A fake pictures. He actually there he was literally Helsinki like. Twelve hours ago you were unbelievable commentary on our lives and quickly move and like this idea that you could wake up on Tuesday, morning in one not even another, city in America, but another country and then. Why. Baseball game true and now waking up this morning Ed with the news that there's going to be potentially another meeting between the two leaders at the White House and other summit between Latimore Putin and President Trump at the. White House they have extended the invited apparently this has been in the works for some time and it was talked about in their, one on one meeting what do, you make though, just bigger picture of how this. Week has unfolded obviously there's been a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle about that press conference of course in Helsinki and you were there for that Do you. Think, we are now and do you think that the president criticism is still warranted or do, you think, he has cleaned up where he needs to You know I've got a lot. Of different thoughts about real time, I know there are a lot of fans of the president, who didn't like the idea that reporters like me and others yourself You know we're just, stating, the facts that this really was the president's. Best press conference I guess to put it mildly and it it's funny to be that there was so much criticism, the criticism, by people saying oh this is all the media's fault, and whatnot when the president spent the better part of the week trying to. Shift would he really? Said at the. News conference, you know my point being if if everything was weakness. Of light I don't think you would have stood up days trying to clean it up so you know what he never backtracks Backtracks and so I don't wanna dwell, on that, I get where you know the media did probably pile, on too much and I think that the narrative you know becomes always a. Disaster it was worse? Than a disaster Oh it was a calamity In the media sometimes a. Rush, to make it worse Just doing you know what is right which is. State the facts and then move onto the next story. Let's move onto the next leg, of this particular issue and and so Right to forward to say I think, the president has a golden opportunity here, maybe, to push all this folded in the, fall by inviting Vladimir Putin the White, House and trying to show his side of the, story which is the president trying to say look. We actually made some progress on Syria maybe, on Iran baby on North Korea getting Russia's help..

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