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He killed himself all right so floors kill them so now since one thousand nine hundred ninety flora's have been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon burglary transportation of a controlled substance. I'm usually dope dealer all driving under the influence resisting arrest. Vandalism criminal threats all of that the port at him ten times. Okay came back eleven times in september. He was arrested for domestic violence on misra. We's beat her up. I said to the la county authorities. Hold him he's been bored at ten times. We'll take him now. La county let them out. Let them out and he killed mr ways. You'll remember in two thousand fifteen. I propose cates law. It got all the way up to the senate who killed it the turtle mitch mcconnell number that he killed it single handedly. Karen would be alive today. If case law had been passed and it would have been past if not for mitch mcconnell who wouldn't put it up as a standalone vote why i can only speculate because i wrote it. I was the one who wrote it. What did it say if you are convicted felon and your deported and come back you are immediately arrested and if convicted and you would be because you're back you get ten years in a federal penitentiary. Ten minimum commit a felony. Usa convicted of felony deported. Back to your home country you come back. They catch you ten years. You don't have to commit another crime just affected you stand here now. What is wrong with that. Law who one object that law hundreds if not thousands of people are dead since two thousand fifteen because the turtle wooden put it up for a vote. Because he didn't like the fact that i did it. So you know how. I feel about senator mitch mcconnell los angeles homicides up one hundred and fifty percent compared to last year at this time shootings up two hundred thirty four percent victim shot in south los angeles. Okay that's the minority district up seven hundred forty two percents get the feeling that there's anarchy in la there is there's no law enforcement and they cut back on the cops defunding police all right. So they've the lapd can't even answer traffic accidents anymore. That's how bad it is. Atlanta another chaotic situation. In two thousand twenty last year one hundred and fifty seven homicides compared to ninety nine into nineteen they have defended the police there and more than two hundred officers in atlanta have quit because the liberal leadership will not back them. Nbc news poll. Are you worried about the country or hopeful and optimistic hopeful and optimistic. Forty four percent worried and pessimistic. Fifty three percent were state for anxiety over the country missouri. In missouri people spend three hours and eighteen minutes every day worrying about stuff. They're stressed out mississippi. Second let's go to la or are pow ben stein. Who's one of the smartest observers of american culture that i that i know good measure. So you're right in the middle of this maelstrom in los angeles but let me ask you on a whole country. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about america. I'm very pessimistic. I think we've lost a lot of the constitution free speech digest memory and About politically and in terms of law but in terms of economics. I quit doing quite well surprisingly well. I think president trump's policies in response to economic chaos caused by the pandemic brilliant and. We're doing astonishingly. Well now you wrote speeches for both president. Nixon and president ford. The culture back then was so different. Even though we're coming off the vietnam war with nixon and it was divided country over the vietnam war but there was still a respect for tradition. That's what i see that traditional bit. It's all gone over the cliff so my question to you is why i don't know. Why javale madeira. Just a climate of hatred. I think generated by the media of basically buying largely. I live live in extremely good day by day. Incredibly good about The media is generally blasting out hatred of trump's hatred of white people hatred of a well-to-do people even other people around me. The of course are very well to people. But they're blasting out hatred of anything that is not left wing non white and preferably a lawbreaking for people who are just ordinary shutters. going their job There's nothing but contempt of republicans trying to get their job. Done johnny adair work done there. Johnny contempt the amount of hatred. And you were extremely brilliantly. The amount of hatred coming out of the left wing is astounding astonishing. When i was my left the nixon ford regime. I was dealt with job over deluge. And i very very first day that i was told that they wanted me to leave the white house I had four job offers. I don't think that would happen today if i were. Trump may draw trump anything just by being a friend of i. I've never actually madame in the flash just by word of either. I got to be blacklisted inaugural. Speeches that that's really a shame. But i'm old. Get bhai and do my dying day but The the hostility of the air is fantastic and breathtaking even worse than it was in the next days. Now i get a lot of letters to say why the companies like disney all right like comcast trans nbc. At and t. Which runs cnn. Why do they want to tear apart. The traditions of america and divide people along skin color lines. What is in it for these big corporations that depend on a mass market to generate their profits. It's a psychological thing it's not a economic saying it's on worked out of asia private washer balance-sheets it's worked out on zags. There is something in their ads which has a lot of hatred. And i've got expressive somewhere. Bob dylan the great great genius. Shed there are a lot of people have knives and plates. And there's nothing site knives and forks. And i've got nothing on her plate and i've got to cut something so in this case The people run. They're very far from walt disney. They are very entirely different group of people from the days of walt disney million billion present. Evan they're very angry. People even hollywood nowadays are very angry. People i came out here in seventy six. I worked for norman. Lear extremely liberal left wing guy. We got along great. I got along great with all his writers..

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