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Zubin, six Eastern on ESPN radio. Every time you close your laptop, A Corona gets its line and every time you to do list just do one less thing. A Corona gets its line every time you press pause. Every time you unwind or lose track of time, A Corona gets its line and every time you feed her up by the sun goes down, Corona gets its line to drop a line in and find your beach. Please drink responsibly. Corona Extra beer imported by Crown imports. Chicago, Illinois. So you walk into your favorite store, go to the razor section, and it hits you so many options. How do you choose a blade 10 Blade or 50 Blade razor that requires two hands to operate. Dollar Shave Club, which is now in a store near you has got your back. They have a premium six played cartridge designed for daily shavers with short hair and a four blade cartridge for less frequent shavers with longer hair. The blades are spaced out a little more for easy rinsing because more blades isn't always better. Are you still confused? Well, I told you Dollar Shave Club's got you and they do DSC put both cartridges and one new starter box so you can test drive both. You might even like both. You might have to shave your face every day or your head. Every few days. Or maybe once a week. You have to shave your shoulders before your girlfriend starts calling you a bear. For more info, visit dollar shave club dot com slash Go Joe Again That dollar shave club dot com slash Go, Joe and check out DSC your nearest store. You've got questions. We've got answers. Welcome to the club. It's a great time to update your appliances. Now, during Menard's race, this saving sale, spruce up your kitchen or laundry room with appliances from top brands, including World Pool, Amana. KitchenAid may.

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