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Bicycle cloud he would. It was quoted that I might have to do that. Like give me something to mix into the broadcast cash. I in Eagle. Who is amazing Ryan? Eagles won all the awards broadcaster. He is so good. There's nothing that you can shoot him. Like I remember like I try and push my limits. Anything I do. I've ever so bob is going to be doing color commentary and I was like. Hey I and we prefer the term term African American all Richard. I see I see. You haven't quite learned the broadcasting terminology and I know you're so fucking good that like I can't even I do a racist joke figure. You could not touch shake it because he's gotTa know how to do woodwind. He's on the broadcast and some fan. Drunk does yells in the mics. Pick it up about nicknames. And stopping to channing Frye takings from Ninety Dick. Nixon is my name. Oh Yeah it's all all the you know the cavs score another two pointer you're pushing the limits in things that like are like normal but it's like you you know the have a professional next to you even if you go too far you're like he's got your back one hundred dollars so ye so good so your so. Your name is Richard so you can give the players. Dick names nicknames. Yeah there you go so shacks got checking the fool. You could.

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