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Com to learn why so many people trust us to help them get work done news now i'm dan martin lawyers are asking a federal judge to ease the path to parole by giving certain michigan prisoners credit for good behavior federal judge mark goldsmith heard arguments yesterday on behalf of many prisoners who were sentenced to life without parole as teens they've been getting opportunities for shorter sentences after a us supreme court decision but their lawyers say they could be free even sooner if they got credit for good behavior state attorney general bill schutte has secured the endorsement of the michigan chamber of commerce in his campaign for governor the business groups president and ceo rich dudley said thursday that schutte quote has an independent track record of accomplishment on quote michigan's law enforcement and education leaders are calling on the legislature to spend one hundred million dollars annually so more police and counselors can be hired to work in schools after last month's massacre at a florida high school the plan outlined thursday also proposes twenty million dollars to harden schools against threats law enforcement and schools groups say enough is enough and the state department of natural resources has banned open burning in fifteen michigan counties because of dry conditions the ban prohibits the burning of leaves and debris and includes burn barrels and other types of open burning the dnr says the likelihood of fire spreading out of control is high the area covered by the band stretches from saginaw bay to muskegon on lake michigan radar weather forecast from wham radio for this afternoon sunny skies with a high of about forty one mostly clear tonight low getting down to around twenty two then for tomorrow partly cloudy high near forty two that's news now dan martin on lamb talk sixteen hundred on august twelfth of eighteen seventy seven thomas edison in his invention factory located in.

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