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I mean, they were not even trying other any black people in this woman. So that. Okay. So I let me go over the plan. That's been a not on Timberg for very long time. Yup. Oh, just wait for it. So the the plot of this as opposed to the original where the whole time, we see bump, we see Dumbo with his big floppy ears, and we wait for him to fly and everything. Spoiler alert for movie from seventy years ago. He only flies and like the last five minutes. This movie it actually starts with him flying. I mean early on. I wanna say the movie kicks off with him flying all over the place. But very early on in the movie, we see him learn how to fly which is the we're one of the weirdest sequences. So if you remember in the original, the crows, give him a magic feather, which then basically just gives him confidence and allows him to fly in this one the two kids, which are played by Nico Parker and Finley Hopkins there Millie Joe Ferrier for the far Ferrier furrier. I forgot how they pronounce it in the movie. They give him a feather. But he is a little baby. And he accidentally snorts the feather like completely inhales the feather knowing who goes to sneeze, then his his ears flapping. He flies for a second. Is the brothers been metaphor for cocaine? I mean, it makes you fly kid. But that would be it would be one thing if they did that once and then like from that they're like, oh, maybe he just needs something else through the entirety of the movie the main way that he flies is he snorts? A feather is definitely a drug moving to kids about drugs. So that is just a weird thing because you see Eva green who plays Colette Marchand. This trapeze artist, she we see her training with Dumbo. So she can actually ride him while they're flying around the circus, and we see her kind of wave the feather in front of his face. But again, it is not just like showing him the feather to give him confidence. He has to inhale it then suddenly give them the ability to fly. Yeah. Super weird. But this movie definitely takes a lot of liberties from the original, which is honestly for the best this one folks more on the human characters have Colin Farrell, Danny devito, even green Alan Arkin. Michael Keaton, a whole bunch of folks in there, and it focuses on the full circus and not talking animals trying to kind of uplift. This this weird elephant who is different from everything else. So it focuses on them. But also does not really have any weight to it. Like one of the first things that I wrote down after the movie when I was getting my quote, ready for the PR rep after the screening I said that this was an emotional movie in which I did not get emotional. Because we see we see. I mean, if you know the Dumbo story, you know, what happens? So this is not a spoiler Dumbo born. He looks weird. The mom is very protective. There's an incident that happened. They think that she goes crazy because he's trying to protect her baby. And so she gets sold off to to somebody. And then dumble the sad. And then they have to try and meet back up with her and that whole thing. And so there were so many moments of this where could tell that they were going for. I just did not feel any of it. Like it hit the Mark yet. Like, I mean, not just did it not have the emotional weight. But you, and I have talked about this before with heavy CGI characters you can tell when the actors are not physically interacting with something. Another human being. Yeah. These little kids are kind of leaning on Dumbo and be like, it's. Okay Dumbo, but you can tell there's like a quarter inch difference. Like, it feels like a distance that they are not actually like bracing. So that just it was weird the to have that distance. But this one also introduces Michael Keaton's character is via a Vendee vere is this super vaudevillian circus as opposed like the traveling circus..

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