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Econ bringing on joe's brutes and take advantage of the bunch warpaint because it is a keyword law. I don't think there's any specific benefits to the crew. Boys other than the fact that It's all based on our keywords. They'll still be able to get the plus plus to burn plus wanted saves costing etc etc. But as always you know the truly take is gonna come out once to. Faq's have been out of already seen some interesting list coming out but let's see what happens in the faq. Hopefully there's not a lot of things that need to be clarified and can start heating those tournaments pretty quickly but looking at this with addition is i think most aric play is going to be happy now. If you play these armenians second edition you're probably gonna be upset in you've lost and features you've lost them. Abilities you've lost some features. Big wa has been turned down a little bit. Onnell's players might be had not be happy to have impacts to destructive bulbs and bones spit is who they copped. It a little bit hard if you are someone picking this up from thirty. I think you gotta look at these. Third addition is you have clarified. Some rules that are no longer in second edition. And they're in third. You've been brought up to speed. Ashim battled Battle times i to be locked. These moving forward you've gained your crew. Boys they are a big winner in my eyes. The iron jaws are doing pretty well. I think it's still good. You probably less likely to say that. Big box of piggies. But i think you'll probably see more dangerous players either focused around more crushes and gorge wreck more likely things like brutes and even maybe one or two units of that big undying block of odd boys you know especially when you trigger rally on four positive six. They will be really hard to shift and are the people going to ignore them and go for something else all. They're gonna talk it. Them and other things are going to be on word..

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