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You can't you can't you can't have a standoff within the with the game with Nike Inc. Right. Nike's gonna come sit on your reading stoop and let you just talk down to you. This is a fatty, but she was outside. I guess you wanted to see everything that and I, and I think she wanted to show that hey, I'm out here with my people. Yeah. I mean, an interesting because remember when the Kingsland was under siege. Shafi right. Yeah. And well, you're gonna say when dick Lynch said or am said, you gotta be out there for your. Men yet. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Jeffrey punk ass was was scared. But remember when Thursday was holed up with sonza and just talking shit and drinking wine as like the fuck gains. Landon was about to get taken over by standards Barath. And if for her father thailandish, they're coming into last second saving all cane's landing like she was prepared to die in that crip like with some with. They wanted them and people like to drink so boys inch or something and signs. It was like, you know, I'm gonna be outside with everybody just a complete totally opposites thirsty. So yeah. Then dragons fly overhead we see Johnny Danny on the Greg Ganz grey, worm tore my Barrick to have and Jamie Dulles, Ed Kendra and sale all on the front lines Dolor s still making jokes about them. You of here. I know you're gonna die shit. Like that might do you need to just be happy. You got another body. I hear me. The dust Raqi at this point. We're doing like the glory prayer seen before they go to war at the end of glory yet. I wanna hold move. First of all, why aren't they code? I feel like we should cut to like we cut to everybody in their armor and all that shit. And there are we ready to fight. And then they cut to the doctor, and they should be like shit shirt. But yeah, they was out there. Singing, Omar long. On general mcken folk. Raping up. So I was the prizes. See ginger woke up in time for the battle because I aria blown is entire backout. He was going to sleep that one off. But he was up there. Ready to fight legs probably feeling like jello. And then Giora and adore throaty are at the front of the army. So when you looking at this army, it's like Joran doth Raqi, you know, those are like Danny's people and then behind them, the unsullied also Danny's people, and then like kinda behind out to the side of the and sullied were like all the winner fail people out of normal people like me dances out there. Yeah. The warriors too. Of as they're all out there too. Right. And so. The guy I'm waiting to show up. And maybe this is the spoiler. I don't know. I'm waiting for the guy who she used to fuck who like she sent to marine like, the the guy like across fit instructor Yelm. I met Dario harse. Yeah. Where whereas isn't this time where it's like we need everybody. Yeah. Maybe he'll show up in canes. Landon or something either that he just probably got hoes again chilling. He just went back and got. Got on. It was like crazy. Anyway, I don't know what you wanted from me. She was going with that Georgiou..

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