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And. With what's news? I'm Charlie Turner in New York for the Wall Street Journal, the December jobs report is the highlight of this week's economic calendar. We've seen market volatility kind of increase in recent months. So if we're if the picture were to change because of that market volatility, I feel like this report would would be the first signs of employers. Pulling back on hiring as a result from that Wall Street Journal reporter, Sharon, none has the details. But I here's some headlines. The major US averages ended higher Monday, but they logged their biggest annual decline since two thousand eighteen and both the Dow Jones industrials S and P five hundred suffered their worst Decembers since nineteen thirty one the markets have endured amazing volatility as of late and with investors dealing with a wide range of issues market observers. Anticipate another volatile year for two thousand nineteen we've seen stocks fall dramatically over the past few months. And now the Wall Street Journal says earnings expectations are falling to in December. According. Fact, set analysts cut their earnings forecasts on more than half the companies and the S and P five hundred the first time that's happened. In more than two years, Wall Street Journal markets reporter Riva gold says analysts have really dialed back their forecasts. SNP companies still grow about close to eight percent next year. But that's down from a forecast of ten percent at the end of September. And about twenty two percent in two thousand eighteen real lists, some of the factors behind the lowered estimates on the one hand, you have rising costs for companies, whether that's rising wages or impacts from disruptions to supply chains around terrorists. You've also got at the same time expectations for growth to moderate not just in the US, but really globally, and that tends to means that you can expect revenues to be weaker than it's still too early to talk about an earnings recession unless the profit picture continues to deteriorate at the moment. That's still pretty much a tail risk. You have to be Barish to think it's going to happen. But it certainly not impossible. If you continue to downgrades at the pace were seeing now, and you can send you to see falls and things like oil prices. It could really mean that there's a chance that you'll get an earnings recession, which is where earning. Is actually declined for two more quarters. That's Wall Street Journal markets reporter Riva gold still ahead and Marie for Tolley. Previews the holiday-shortened week's economic calendar with Wall Street Journal reporter, Sharon, none..

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