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What he found or what he argued was that the difference between the good students in the great came down to how they practised and how much they practised so the ha the how much they practised was the ten thousand hours that the is that that they put in more time in the practice room that the average student but the how the practice was also really important namely they engaged in what eriksson cold deliberate practice where they were more thoughtful about what skills they were trying to refine at any given time they were more solicitous of feedback there were more thoughtful and mindful about how they practised now there are a couple up now there were a couple other things that eriksson also noted when he was looking at how these people spend their time one was that while they spent fewer hours per day doing leisure activities than the average students they were much better at accounting for how they spent their tom how they spend their leisure the other thing was that they slept more than the average students generally about an hour per day more because they would take naps in the middle of the day and so wild this is a part of the story that isn't reported on very much right the ten thousand hours is something that's the nice round number it's very sexy glad role thinks that he sees a similar kind of pattern with bill gates and sun microsystems cofounder bill joy in the beatles and other people it's actually not just the ten thousand hours it turns out to be important if you wanna get really good at something it seems.

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