Governor Adler Stevenson, Illinois, Chicago discussed on American Elections: Wicked Game


Monday. August thirteenth the Democratic National Convention opened in Chicago, the. Democratic frontrunner former Illinois Governor Adler Stevenson had fared well and Democratic primaries Stevenson who had competed against Ike in the nineteen fifty, two presidential race had consistently attack Eisenhower's foreign policy decisions especially in Egypt. These attacks have moved the former governor to the front of the pack, forcing other contenders to drop out of the race before the convention. So My August of Nineteen fifty-six, Stevenson stood poised to secure the Democratic nomination for a second time, but he would need a strong running mate someone to stand behind his anti Cold War platform and help him take on the five star general turn commander-in-chief out of a crowded field of potential VP candidates, one man with a famous last name stood out a name that would become synonymous with three letters that represented a new era of American politics. JFK..

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