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That Boris is a Friday yet it's, a tough Thursday commute this afternoon especially Moran with John Atkinson trying to get outta Marin into San. Francisco that southbound Golden Gate trip that's backed up all the. Way to the Robin Williams tunnel that's going to be solid all the. Way out to about mid span northbound slowing starts as you come down, the WALDO grade before Marin city very heavy into. Quarter Madeira out beyond paradise driving then once you, make it, out of a Nevada of course we've got that solid line, of brake, lights from Atherton, avenue independent Oma San Bruno slowing not just southbound north one zero. One before three eighty an accident blocking, the third lane from the left my goodness. At the Bridgman bridge toll plaza there's huge truck with a motor motorhome and. It's locking the three middle lakes they're trying. To get over to the right so if you're, coming up on the toll plaza please slow down because. They're coming in pretty hot there it's nothing but. Slow Los Altos hills every. Afternoon south two eighty, page mill the Magdalene and again out of Cupertino from highway eight Eighty, five to ten th street in downtown San Jose your next update four fifty eight on the traffic. Leader KCBS Manzini Sleepworld six day forecast partly cloudy at the. Coast sunny skies around the bay and inland highs in the lower to. Mid sixties coast side the upper eighties inland tomorrow for your Friday partly, cloudy skies at the coast sunny skies around the. Bay inland highs in the sixties side mid nineties, inland and, then for your weekend and through Wednesday cloudy skies at the, coast with, patchy fog partly, cloudy to clear skies around the bay clear skies inland highs in. The sixties at the coast the mid, nineties inland traffic and weather together on the. Eighth on all news one oh six nine AM seven forty KCBS CBS news. Time four fifty one Tom Libyan Candice pricier. Editing as our Thursday Newswatch continues if you're hoping, to recover from a health crisis or a chronic disease. You may be better off if your doctor is, a woman KCBS has Rebecca. Corral brings us details, of a new study you could I'd say it's a. Matter of life, or death study looked specifically at outcomes. From people who came to an, emergency room with a heart, attack if your doctor was a woman the chances of surviving heart attack were increased women. Patients treated by male doctors were the least, likely to survive Stanford medical school, professor Dr Don Barr says it's less about gender stereotypes than, it is gender. Culture there is a gender divide in culture, that, we grow up in.

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