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Is that is. Guilt its collective. Field by people who. Did not vote because whenever I, encountered that response of. Whole Trump how horrible I look did, you vote and there's always always always silence and change of subject you know this is about a population that did not, vote so regret, something that is important to remember, in? Many jurisdictions if not most jurisdictions this next Tuesday is primary day, and not to be a lecturer here on. The circuit but most people whether you realize it or you don't realize it don't know or understand the primaries are more, important than the general election because here's when you win out You weed out the crazies but because the crazies are the ones who, go vote in the primaries the crazies are the ones ended up on the ballot so if you don't want crazies on the ballot you, better go vote if you're crazy And the primary? Which is next Tuesday for all the various there are local the case that because people. Didn't vote that's why we had Trump and Hillary. No, no. No no. I've read those editorials, that's not why he, that what do you think it is the, reason he won is because of the people who went out and voted for him puree draw people. Getting out to vote for, him yeah right there's this he did motivate, people it's l. but, anyway the, point is, that let's. Not get scammed let's get to the polls on Tuesday that, vote for our preference to be in. The final election don't sit on your hands get out and vote a lot of important local elections statewide elections, regional elections congressional elections Senate election so the very important time it's seventeen, past the are this the talkradio roundup take pounds off. Sensibly this is a time for you to consider, a product called Calatrava. CA l. OT E. n. real people. Have had real weight loss success using Calatrava why because. Calla trans essential active ingredient is the. Protein, in, collagen, collagen. Is the bodybuilder when, you see body builders taking. A lot of protein to build? Up their muscles what they're really absorbing is collagen 'cause as you get older your body. Makes less of it so you supplement with it. So, if. You want. To lose the weight, you don't necessarily wanna, look like a bodybuilder bridge exercise get that, muscle back there as you get older you need more.

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