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She it's very religious one to be the mo something until religious what your view on that i think it's a religious novel but it demonstrates religion of a very particular kind it's intensely hostile to religious hypocrisy we've already mentioned brocklehurst is an example of that and it is hostile to to the notion of the institutional power of the church it's a protestant model of religious experience that will offered in jane eyre an it's closely allied to the old tradition of the spiritual autobiography john bunyan's pilgrim's progress and important novel to the children in the passages they grow up i think is a vivid presence in jana that journey them pilgrimage through testing experiences it's an inward ness of a relation with gold but is a dynamic relationship which really guides jane that she will be until say so explicit at one point she will be guided by the laws given by god and sanctioned by minutes warm of her motives for rejecting the prospect of becoming rochester's mistress but you could say o'brien at the at the point at pitcher point where she is thinking of marrying john john going to india the voice of rochester comes across the third and says he's in trouble and she goes back him so that kind of love conquers religion it does but also i think religion that kind of religion that sinjin rivers embodies is a religion of total self denial i kind of ruutel ambitious denial of one's passionate brother two sisters is the cousin what she's the man she subsequently discovers his cousin who is this missionary whose characterized as cold to her hot so i think the idea of a religious sensibility that's enabling that allows you to flourish it's very important to charlotte bronte the either religious sensibility which is about selfdenial and translates in that way to sort of persecution of others is not attractive to it is worth remembering i think that's absolutely right about sinjin rivers he'd seen as in a sense one of the male tyrants but the conclusion of the novel its final page which is old takes you back to send john rivers and in a sense also remind you helen some when we haven't mentioned that that the the girl at at low would who had a kind of self denial which parallel to guys yes that's right but syndrome rivers has the final words in the novel and even so come lord jesus it's a biblical reference and it securite echo of that moment where rochester in jane communicate it's joan rivers communicating with jesus and the final word of the novel is actually jesus so it's it's it's it's such a double mobile this so on the one hand that very self denying you might to life denying model of religious experience offered by rivers is rejected by jane eyre but on the other hand she concedes its power going to do is.

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