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Fifty three WBZ tropical weather together with the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the road Tuesday to a checking on reports of a two car crash on the expressway north bound reportedly in the left lane at Columbia road southbound expressways seeing brake lights through the Braintree split heading into the city on the lower deck of ninety three in this they can bridge we see brake lights from Sullivan square on the liver connector inbound a heavy ball the most of the way from the deck on to store drive store which sells not bad no problems for the Tobin bridge or the airport tunnels out to the west on one twenty eight south bound some company getting by highland Appan Kendrick street through need him on the pike eastbound delays between route sixteen in the supermarket over past in Chestnut Hill a crash reported on him in pond parkway at route nine north of the city an easy ride on one twenty eight between route to and route one ninety three northbound seeing some slight delays growing getting by route four ninety five David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three is traffic and weather together we check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast now windy in trending cooler through this afternoon but we will see more sunshine after smashing the record high for this state of sixty one degrees set back in twenty seventeen centers will fall through the fifties by this evening tonight clear to partly cloudy and colder with west wind a low of thirty three by Monday some sunshine tempter still above average for January but certainly cooler compared to today with a high forty Tuesday mostly cloudy with a high of forty one by.

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