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Scott goldberg president trump is slapping new sanctions on iran following its downing of u._s. surveillance drone and the president's cancellation of air strikes against that country last week he's measures represent a strong and proportionate response to iran's increasingly provocative actions we will continue to increase pressure on tehran until the regime abandons stainless activities in his aspirations including the pursuit of nuclear weapons treasury secretary steve mnuchin today along with our existing sanctions authority we have additional sanctions to go after the supreme leader's office and lockup literally billions of dollars more of assets is called the u._s. sanctions already in place economic terrorism the president imposed those after he walked away from the international nuclear agreement he says he hopes tehran comes back to the negotiating table but today ron's ambassador to the u._n. said his country can't start a dialogue with washington when it imposes new sanctions president trump today also called for more transparency and healthcare pricing with this order hospitals will be required to publish prices that reflect what people actually pay for services in a way that's clear straightforward and accessible to all ospital and insurance companies are expected to oppose the new regulations arguing they might wind up pushing prices higher the president's decision to call off planned immigration raids targeting up to two thousand undocumented families followed a phone call from house speaker nancy pelosi urging him not to go through with it she says she told him children are scared scaring the children of america not just in those families but their neighbors in their communities pelosi says she told the president the house will vote on a bill setting four and a half billion dollars to the border for humanitarian aid but not to fund what she called the administration's failed policy of mass detention on wall street today the dow gained eight points nasdaq was down you're listening to a._b._c. news arizona's.

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