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4 to 6 week days here on NewsRadio. Kale, BJ. We've got news about baseball players opting out. Who's going to be playing for the Pats anew. Laker Plus that n BA season schedule has dropped. We'll get some gulf updates from the man the guru himself hunker down in the Clements bunker, Maybe with an extra friend over there today. Give it up. Fred Clements, Everybody. Hello. There beat. Oh, yeah, We're in the bunker today. Also joined by Ben Clements, my compadre on the end Zone club. Talk about sports this afternoon and our man Jason, maybe calling in today because, Jason, I got a message from him yesterday. He said, Have you heard? Have you heard Kim is going to be quarterback in the Patriots? And of course, we got that big bet that seemed like a lock until yesterday, But Jason is all jacked up. For the For the For the Patriots. And can Newton Ben Clements, How are you? Good afternoon. I'm doing well. Wait, wait. What is this? That you have got a bit Oh, it explain it to him. Vito explained. We're going to get to that in a quick second. Ben. Ben, I need Ah, Wellness check. Are you there with your old man? I mean, you know, in a very endearing where you there with your father? I am where 62 partners staying safe. I opted not to come to station as I figured. If I'm going to be here, I might as well stay here and not expose him. So we're doing well. We're staying healthy, keeping the big man in shape and out of harm's way. Has he popped a diet Dr Pepper yet? No, I don't see one. But he might be sneaking it by his chair. Something not 504 yet. Beato speaking at that, Dr Pepper the cool guy. It's not five before yet Fair fair before we get to anything, man. Did you do anything relaxing that you can share with the listeners this weekend, Mr Clements? Well, Ben and I played golf yesterday, nine holes in the Saharan dust. And, you know, I'm not saying but I kind of dust of the 25 year old to my right and golf. I'm not bragging or anything, but I played well yesterday, but, yeah, I just had a great time at the golf course did. How was everything the Central house out there with you with the family and the relatives and the grand parents and the kids and your mom and Dad. I'll tell you what way had a little pool action we we barbecued that delicious chicken that I marinade with soy sauce and ginger and everything. Teriyaki chicken. On a Saturday and then Sunday, we had the great grand parents over for a little social distancing. It was the first time they had had an opportunity to get out of their place where they're living right now. So we, you know, disinfected the house and my wife cooked up in amazing Greek meal with a chickenshit kebabs, sticky sauce, some lamb balls, lamb meatballs. I guess it was lamb meat made into meatballs. Ah, Greek salad, and just it was. It was a great great weekend, man. It was. It was good times and Ben, you know, for Father's Day Your dad was telling us that you finally behave yourself. So that's why he enjoyed his father's day on the golf course. Are you known to Elias Lose your cool out there with him? You know, I just I had I had 40 beers this father's day instead of my normal 55 So I toned it down a bit. I thought I'd do that for for 65th Father's Day in that great Beato. Isn't that great? You have something to look forward your Children when they get to Ben's age and Tipped, you know, tempering their output a beer for you on Father's Day, then, young man, I mean, that is a sacrifice, cutting down your beer and take a whole 15 to total only 40 on one afternoon, a gulf But he loves you. And he does love me. He does. Yeah. It was good. He played good yesterday, too. We have a good time playing golf. Jason. Did you know he He played 36 holes yesterday and he survived. The King of Soda played 36 yesterday at 10. 30 tee time that a 4 30 time you said King Isoda King of soda who drinks for so you don't know no sort of the weight loss pills. Some soda. That's state of the art. It's Ah weight loss program He's on. He's on the weight loss program. I just drinking soda here turning the other way late. Trending the other way, Lord on that hurts. If this may be your one and only day on the air on this man, you might make your dad drink 55 beers on the air Today. I'm sleeping outside tonight, Sleep outside, and Ben. What we're talking about is back in the day when we were still just pontificating on all the quarterback moves in the off. Season. Simpler times She has simpler times. We knew that Tom Brady was gone, but we didn't know where he might end up yet. And Edna, I. We're just like wherever he goes. We think that that team will do better than the Patriots. Yes, I have a better record next season than the Patriots. Jason took us up on that almost instant called us right there, and we're all like, Wow. You know, maybe maybe Jared Stadium is kind of just that. He's just going to go big this year. Maybe maybe, you know, they know something up there in New England that nobody else knows. And that was still at the time when both not only Cam Newton, but Jamie's was still on the free market or, you know, not signed and then Jamis one away. We're like, Oh, they're going to have to be stuck with stadium and then we were kind of like, you know, And I don't know if you know there's been, but Ed likes toe follow Cam Newton on the instagram just for his workout. Po. Those workouts he look, I'm surprised you can read his captions, Pop. He looked at the higher goal fix. Oh, thank you. He looks like a Donna. That's all I know is easy. He is in great shape, but it took until yesterday to sign the guy and I got to tell you, I think I might have said this a few times. Is Bill Bella check just playing like four D chess with us, and we're all still trying to play 2019 checkers..

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