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Latent class that got him into as well as Paul brilliance that got him into contention. Number two and a half against he might make Jon Bon approx anyway. I think truth he came over. Like, did I see witness or email? Actually, that was before the days of the manifesto. She went to interfere. I was in between and won the what is now the fairly old school called whatever it was then the powers go. And then went to HTML over three. Which was a file assets from likeable flights to the three festivals so quickly. You're right. I remember being very comfortable for fairy hospitals. So did three months of the entry is just easier to get than the three miles at Sheldon. It'd be interesting to say that those would be behind I wasn't. Massively taking away the wonder of time early might consider going back over hurdles maybe because he's obviously one that he's got good form I think two of it. He won the Liverpool hurdle a couple of years ago. Ran well in the race. So you know the only run again last year. Do you think the time LOC tends to be? It tends to be best flash I think as well. So better ground might see a better late book. After many, just not really convincing all offenses. No, it doesn't work for him. I think what's happened with him in the carstar novices chase is that he's won a race to fell apart. All of his main contenders bombed out, and he managed to keep it together and go and win, but back in deeper company. No, he's not good enough. And surely it's a switch back to the smaller obstacles. In terms of next season, I am maximus would be very interesting for a grand national, maybe an Irish grand national. Braun over a shorter trip for sure. But it's a horse rated one 5 three beating a horse rated one 5 four. I'm pretty certain. That the elite team were at least thinking one 61 62 plus, probably thinking one 65 plus. And they're probably got it, that they've been beaten by a horse rated one 5 three. But the real whacker absolutely loves cheltenham and that's not something that you can take for granted. And so next season, I think he will be a goal cup player. I don't think he's good enough to win one, but he will certainly be in the conversation and the route that he goes will be fascinating. As for Jerry Kalam, we're probably not going to see him again this season. It sounded like at least on race day, like he did not want to run him again, but perhaps we'll see him punches down. Doesn't seem like that race would sue them though. If the forecast is what it should be for ponchos down, how do you envisage both of these horses doing next year? I think they will take a big step up to be honest if they're going to mix it in gold cup type races. I think the middle of the windshield suit jelly column better. Again, he seemed to get better grounds for some reason nowadays that leopard sound. So where he would fit in, I'm not sure. I think both would need to take a big step forward with the thing to be. Potentially challenging for a golf course. Yeah, I completely agree with you. Liszt stoll on the agenda for the real worker. The last time he ran there was the 2021 harvest festival when he was a 150 to one for a maiden hurdle. He ain't going to be a 150 to one this season for when he rocks a lot. And imagine maybe Charlie hall would be both or even entries many clouds will be an option for him. And as his second star tells the public company and build a more picture him into something the better choice. If he got really deep grant ahead of me, maybe Jerry Colombo would be considered as a bottomless people view on race that might see some book again in recent years the grounds be tended to be in a better process and stuff. And we'll tell that. Turner's novice Chase was soft ground on the new course. It was all about mighty Potter, except it wasn't, because the wind goes to the champion trainer. Paul Nichols, which stage dark, given a terrific ride by Harry cobden, not long till maze run an absolute blinder for Laura Morgan and micy Potter could only get third. Ruby Walsh was full of criticism for Davey Russell after the race. He wasn't exactly in love with Paul town and either very keen to get your thoughts on that. We have to talk about the champion trainer though. And I loved my colleague Lizzie Kelly's line on this in the immediate aftermath of the commentary on talks for two. The champion trainer finally the champion trainer roars into life at Shelton and his celebration in the winters and closure afterwards. He did say last year there's more to life than cheltenham. Didn't look that way with his celebration afterwards. And it was deserved. It's a tremendous training performance. It's a terrific piece of keeping the faith from Paul Nichols. He really believed in this horse, but to go from another handicap to winning a grade one was something else Paul. First time, I also looked at Louis fences, he jumped brilliantly to be west cork. Any disability that really shows Todd's a new week. And he's done well to build him back up since I think the ground being really quick and Newbie was blamed for that to feed when he's been by sebastopol. What a small race of London than he did. He did win a good fashion trials. They looked at a class of the opposition and looked like he wanted to go and back into grade one way. Obviously, it was a great one when and novice said all the season before. The cello. And he just jumped on silly, I thought, on Thursday, it's George June pumas impeccable again from the Florence as it was on trials.

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