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It's approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. The forecast for the WGN Chicago weather center sunny today for this last day of March, but cooler highs in the forties normal high is fifty three for today. Partly cloudy, cold overnight, low near thirty four tomorrow, mostly sunny in the morning, clouds increase as the day progresses. Mostly cloudy for the later hours of the day. But we will see a high around forty four tomorrow right now at O'Hare, we have twenty four degrees. Twenty-seven midway twenty four. Schaumburg twenty-six at Chicago's lakefront. I'm Gabe Schwan in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Time for the great outdoors with Charlie Potter. Brought to you by the all new Chevy Silverado chevydriveschicago dot com on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Good morning. Outdoor show Charlie part of your host WGN radio in Chicago. Thank you very much for joining in the great outdoors show, the sports. My guest this morning is Keith Mark who is one of the founders of very interesting group. That's evolving called quarter nation. I've had murky young on the air previously marked young being the former chairman of the Vista Outdoor group, the largest supplier manufacturer of outdoor putting products in the in the country. And and I was introduced the key grew Mark young and therefore introduced one hundred nations. So thank you very much for joining us this morning. I really appreciate it. And can you tell us a little bit about.

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