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Your autograph? Freddie Taylor had a shotgun, Chico. What's his name? Mo. ICC y'all. See y'all. ICCO John Chico is our name. Oh, remember all men are created equal. And then they get dressed experienced by John Chico's difference at two one nine seven six nine one seven four four. What's office Jonathan who? Did you know that ESPN one thousand college football show every Saturday? Did you know that Chris black? Adam, Don, I love college football Sierra Chicago's college tailgate this Saturday from three to five thirty PM central time. It'd be broadcast from the four winds newest casino. Southbound the New South bend is amazing brand new restaurants with eighteen hundred games and access to great music. I love it. There. Chicago's couch tailgate at the KABC grill this Saturday from three to five thirty pm is four winds casino in south bend dining gaming, fun here at fifth third Bank. We know Chicago wouldn't be Chicago without your business. That's why our team of experts offer guidance support and superior customer service to help you manage your business and its finances. Whether you're a company of one or a multi site operation if their Bank connect. Issue with a network of seasoned industry. Experts to provide tailored advice to help power your business forward fifth third back in the business. Better Bank, member FDIC. Carmen, your coz, primetime players are the week on ESPN one thousand are brought to you by Joe seafood, prime steak and stone crab restaurant. Plowing a special occasion an elegant night on the town for just want to enjoy some delicious, fresh meats and seafood. Look, no further than the famous Joe's seafood, prime steak and stone crab in Chicago. Prepare yourself for the finest quality seafood meats in Chicago. Check out the menu special events in contact information by visiting Joes dot net today. From treading to printing. The UPS store does every Inc for small business..

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