Goldstine Shaaban, Adam Schiff, Senate discussed on Sterling on Sunday


Of reaching the lives of millions joining the Walter M. sterling club sterling on Sunday weather what's your weather tomorrow not bad typically winter weather with a parade of weaker systems crossing the country the headline those going to be snow lake affect accumulations off here in Ontario and from a developing system on the front range of the Rockies locally heavy feet of snow in both locations along the northeast corner fellow draw forties low fifties down to DC showers for the Carolinas back into eastern Tennessee and along the I ten quarter over the Florida panhandle rest of the Great Lakes cloudy and cold struggling to get above freezing in Chicago on WLS north central southern plains will be drying up to sixty four in Dallas at W. B. A. B. then the heavy snow from eastern Montana down to northern New Mexico now that system will plug into new golf moisture starting tomorrow and don't forget the next Pacific storm mount snow in valley range from Washington state down to northern California no emergencies but now you are prepared and your local forecast is coming up and if you've got any questions email me big John weather at G. mail dot com I'm chief meteorologist John Weatherby weather reports at six and thirty six past the hour all night on sterling on Sunday here's the usual condition from public radio during ritual Goldstine Shaaban's is on sabbatical today we are celebrating with non stop coverage of the impeachment hearings we go to reporter Anna Alicia Monday on the Senate floor on Capitol Hill the impeachment trial is rocking with a three hour speech by flash Daddy Adam Schiff rules public radio we believe this trial is as important as the installation the new home with much less smoke better food for a full report we went around the home to the crowds.

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